Nike Basketball History

Nike Basketball

In 1972, Nike released their first basketball sneakers, the Bruin and Blazer. Both were composed of leather and spawned a legacy. Nike Basketball continued to perfect the two styles as they released the Bruin and Blazer in suede and the Blazer Low in leather the next year. However, it wasn’t until 1982 when Nike introduced the Air Force 1. The “Original Six” to wear the AF1 were Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Bobby Jones, Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompson, and Jamal Wilkes.

By this time, Nike Basketball division was gaining popularity not only as just a sneaker brand, but also as one of the main competitors in basketball shoes. 1985 gave rise to the Air Jordan line, marketed by Michael Jordan as it debuted in stores alongside a full array of other basketball sneakers like the Sky Force Hi, Penetrator Low and many others. Nike had a major hit on their hands by drawing in one of the greatest basketball players ever, but furthered their respectable timeline with the creation of the Dunk. The Dunk and Terminator High both released in the 86’-87’ time period and were guided at college teams like Syracuse, St. John’s, Villanova, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan and Georgetown.

Throughout the 90’s, Nike Basketball line would continue to dominate the market by snatching up the hottest players and lacing them up with their signature shoes. Some of these players include Penny Hardaway, Jason Kidd, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Tim Duncan, Larry Johnson, Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett, Dennis Rodman and other athletes from different sports like Andre Agassi, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders and Ken Griffey Jr.

Nike Basketball - Air Force 1 Original 6
Nike Basketball - Air Force 1 Original 6

Nike’s never-ending innovation has driven them for all these years and continues to do so till this day. They are still snatching the next great basketball player and show a promising future with the introduction of their Fly-wire technology and one of the key new releases, the Hyperdunk.

Nike Basketball Sneakers

Nike 3 Pointer
Nike Air 2 Strong
Nike Air Absolute Max Uptempo
Nike Air Adjust Force
Nike Air Admiral Force
Nike Air Afterburner Flight
Nike Air Aggress Force
Nike Air All Biz
Nike Air Alpha Force II (2)
Nike Air Ascend
Nike Air Ascension Force
Nike Air Ascension II
Nike Air Assail Force
Nike Air Assault
Nike Air Assert Force
Nike Air Assist Flight
Nike Air Audacity
Nike Air Authority
Nike Air B-Que
Nike Air Bakin
Nike Air Ballistic Force
Nike Air Max Battle Force
Nike Air Boot
Nike Air Bound
Nike Air Brak-U-Down Uptempo
Nike Air Breathe Hoop
Nike Air Bringyagame
Nike Air Burn
Nike Air C14
Nike Air C14 Team
Nike Air CB4
Nike Air CB4 II (2)
Nike Air CB 34
Nike Air Check
Nike Air College
Nike Air Command Force
Nike Air Cookin Uptempo
Nike Air Cover
Nike Air Crash Force
Nike Air Cruz Uptempo
Nike Air Darwin
Nike Air Deliver Force
Nike Air Delta Force
Nike Air Flare
Nike Air Foamposite One
Nike Air Force 1
Nike Air Force 180
Nike Air Force II (2)
Nike Air Force III (3)
Nike Air Mach Force
Nike Air Maestro
Nike Air Maestro II (2)
Nike Air Max Roll Out
Nike Air Max Tempo
Nike Air Pippen Mid I (1)
Nike Air Pippen II (2)
Nike Air Pippen III (3)
Nike Air Pippen IV (4)
Nike Air Pippen V (5)
Nike Air Pressure
Nike Air Raid
Nike Air Raid II (2)
Nike Air Solo Flight
Nike Air Strong
Nike Air Super CB
Nike Air Total Package
Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (5)
Nike Air Zoom LeBron
Nike Air Zoom T-Bug Flight
Nike Air Zoom Ultraflights
Nike Blazer
Nike Bruin
Nike Dunk
Nike Dynasty
Nike Flight 89
Nike Flight Huarache
Nike Flightposite One (1)
Nike Flightposite II (2)
Nike Flightposite III (3)
Nike Hyperflight
Nike Legend
Nike Terminator
Nike Uptempo Premier
Nike Vandal
Nike Zoom Flight 95
Nike Zoom Flight 96
Nike Zoom Flight 98
Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4
Nike Zoom Huarache 2K5
Nike Zoom Kobe I (1)
Nike Zoom Kobe II (2)
Nike Zoom Kobe III (3)
Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4)

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