Nature of Our Journalism

  • Our journalists should not express opinions at all and should work to ensure that stories are neutral, not reflecting bias toward any position.
  • Our reporters may express personal opinions in their own accounts on social networks.

Confidential Sources

  • We do not publish information from sources we cannot name. Reporters may grant confidentiality only in an effort to find named sources for the information.

Sources: Reliability and Attribution

  • We include source attribution in online stories and links, if available, that provide additional information.


  • Our staff members must take responsibility for the accuracy of all information that we publish, using an accuracy checklist before publication.

Online Commenting

  • We believe that all public commentary is worthwhile, and we do not edit or change online comments in any fashion.


  • We will not alter quotes in any way.

Personal Ethics Statements by Staff

  • Our journalists should work precisely to our company ethics and standards; personal ethics statements are, therefore, not necessary.

Plagiarism and Attribution

  • We must always attribute all sources by name and, if the source is digital, by linking to the original source.
  • When we are using someone else’s exact words, we should use quotation marks and attribution.

Social Networks

  • Our journalists are free to express opinions on social media.


  • If a mistake is made in a social media post, we will delete the original post and publish a corrected version with an indication that the new post is a correction.
  • We will show all changes that have been made to online stories.

Freelance Work by Employees

  • We allow part-time employees to perform freelance work without prior notice to direct managers.

Removing Archived Work

  • We will remove an outdated story from our archives if it is causing problems for someone.
  • We will note when the post was updated.


  • We view everything on social media and the Internet as fair game for journalists, and everyone knows it, even private individuals. We reserve the right to publish whatever we find online or from public sources.

Clickbait and Metrics

  • We will accurately reflect the content of related stories in headlines and social media posts.

News and Advertising

  • We may accept payment from advertisers to provide stories on a general subject, but they will have no involvement in the content produced.
  • We require news-like content produced by advertisers to be clearly identified as advertising.


  • If you wish to make a correction or complaint about any of our editorial content or journalistic activity, please contact