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Foot District Flagship Store Madrid

Foot District Opens New Flagship Store in Madrid

Foot District opened its new Flagship Store in Madrid at 35 Valverde St. Some of the highlights include 3D Printers, a Jordan Room,...
Kith Miami Sneaker Store

Go Inside Kith’s Miami Flagship Store

Kith and founder Ronnie Fieg will be taking their shop to South Beach to open a brand new store during Art Basel. The new Miami store...
Fat Joe NYC Sneaker Store

Go Inside Fat Joe’s Sneaker Shop Up NYC

Fat Joe and Scotty Kickz have teamed up to open the sneaker shop Up NYC. This isn’t your normal sneaker store. Yes...
Trophy Room Marcus Jordan May 23

Marcus Jordan’s Trophy Room Opening May 23rd

The son of Michael Jordan, Marcus Jordan will be opening a sneaker store in 2016. The store is expected to have a family forever theme....
Supplied PDX Fake Sneakers

Supplied PDX Gets Shutdown for Selling Fake Sneakers

Supplied PDX who is also known as Get Supplied was being investigated starting back in March by Nike and today news broke that the...
Toronto Air Jordan 306 Yonge

What Air Jordan’s to Expect at the 306 Yonge Store in Toronto

Remember when we informed you that Jordan Brand would be opening a store in Toronto? Today we are one step closer to the...
Benjamin Kickz Teenage Sneaker Reseller Million Dollars

Teenager Made A Million Dollars Reselling Sneakers

Benjamin Kapelushnik who goes by the name Benjamin Kickz online is only 16 years old and has made a substantial living of reselling sneakers....
Shiekh Shoes Air Jordan Christmas Giveaway

Shiekh Shoes 12 J’S of Christmas Giveaway

Shiekh Shoes has come up with yet another fun and exciting way for sneakerheads to enjoy the holiday season. Starting on Tuesday December...
Heist NY White Plains, NY. Sneaker Store

Heist NY is White Plains, NY. Newest Sneaker Store

If you're in New York, better yet White Plains, you need to check out the newest sneaker store called Heist NY. Heist NY is themed...
Flight 23 Store to Open in Chicago

Flight 23 Store to Open in Chicago

Michael Jordan will be launching the Flight 23 store in Chicago, which we feel probably should of been his first location since he put...