Premier Selection Of Sneakers At Kixclusive

Check out for the best variety of the most exclusive shoes in the world! They have new Jordan and Lebron Player Edition’s as well as a huge selection of House of Hoops releases. Also, they just restocked on many Dunk SB’s, like Supreme’s, MF Doom’s and De La Soul’s. Get over to Kixclusive now because their kicks go quick!

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  1. DO NOT buy from these clowns. they cheated my shipping. suck ass customer service. i paid for 3-5 days shipping. two weeks later ,i got the wrong shoe. i have to paid to ship it back to them. and they won't refund my shipping……

  2. ^^ This is not the first time I've heard bad things about "Kixclusive". I've also heard bad things on other sneaker sites about them guys. Oh well, I guess they feel they can treat ppl like $hit cuz they got kicks that ppl want.

    BTW, ALWAYS overpriced. For example:

    Jordan black Baron 1s $160

    Jordan XX3 All Stars $300

    PE Sugar Ray 8s $2500

    The list goes on…….

  3. yah ^^^^ doodz rite.. all their shoez r ovr priced.. tht site iz the reazon y my friend doeznt buy shoez ovr the internet anymore.. sur they gott sum crazy shitt.. but iff i lived sumwhere where i could get thm in person.. it wouldnt b worth it

  4. well, im glad i live in chicago were there are PLENTY of sneaker places that sell these shoes at reasonable prices so i dont get ripped off on the internet

  5. noxx you got the purple 7's i was going to cop. But true I've ordered from them. Paid next day air delivery got the a week later. And watch what they say on the description cause your kicks might not be new, or have a scuff or the sole may be falling off. And I can prove everything I just said.

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