Brian Betschart

Background & Experience

I am the founder and editor of Sneaker Files and have been part of the sneaker industry for 20+ years. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, I have collected shoes since elementary school, and my collection has grown to over 500 pairs and counting. I started to write about sneakers in 2004, and in 2006, I saw a need for a reliable sneaker news source. Living at home and watching my favorite TV show, Forensic Files, the stars aligned, and Sneaker Files was created in November 2006. Throughout the years, I have witnessed the industry change from new technology used, brands that were once sought-after, and models that have gained hype. Sneakers are a passion of mine, and I enjoy the history of all sneakers. While some may think it’s just a pair of shoes, to me, and many others, it’s a piece of history. A pair of shoes has a designer, which starts out as a sketch on paper and evolves into something you can wear. 

My expertise comes from knowing the deep history a pair of sneakers has, the original year it was released, and even the trends around the time. Through the years, shoes receive new materials, with some geared more towards performance. I have spent years studying different technologies, from old to new, and even testing how a pair of sneakers performs on-court. Combining my love for writing and sneakers with my knowledge of brands allows me to stay ahead of the curve. I have also read 100s of books on sneakers that expand across various topics. With most signatures, they are worn by an athlete. You will need to know the athlete’s background to properly write an article on his/her shoes. I have made sure to familiarize myself with past and current players since, in most cases, a shoe is connected to their personal life, accolades, and what worked for them as far as technology goes.

When I created Sneaker Files, I wanted to ensure that sneaker information was updated daily across multiple brands. Since we all have our likes and dislikes, I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone via fresh content. What I always prided myself in was not running with rumors. As you may know, rumors circulate across the internet that start from unreliable sources. I wanted to make sure Sneaker Files was not only up to date but it needed to be accurate. With the addition of Instagram, fake news in the sneaker community has tripled. I had to ensure that the information and news I was putting out was trustworthy, reliable, and accurate. I went the extra mile and befriended people who work for the major brands (they will always stay unnamed). The relationships I have built allow me to fact-check if a sneaker will be released or just another rumor, making us one of the top sources for sneaker news. I have also made connections that share with me information on upcoming sneakers and, in some cases, can preview the shoes several years before the release.

Owning Sneaker Files goes beyond a job; it’s a passion and a hobby. If I am not writing about sneakers, I discuss them with my family and friends. The love started when I was a child watching Michael Jordan and the other greats from the ‘90s. Most of us wanted to imitate NBA players, and the best way to do it was through their shoes. Not only were they great to play in, but the look of each shoe was unique and was/is a fashion statement. One of the main reasons I love shoes so much is that it takes me back to a simpler time when all you had to worry about was getting to school and making it home before dark. Through Sneaker Files, I relive these moments in time.

Brian’s Role at Sneaker Files

I write articles daily on upcoming sneaker releases and other news in the sneaker community. Furthermore, I have published editorials on sneaker reviews, history, and interviews with key industry figures. Aside from the daily emails, updating the release dates pages, and posting on social media, I also run the YouTube channel, so I have a video to edit most days.

In the Media

Over the years, I have written 1000s of articles from every sneaker brand imaginable. For my expertise in the field, I have been cited by major publications, including, but not limited to, Bleacher Report, Slam Magazine, Forbes, Complex, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, and USA Today. Furthermore, I have debunked false rumors that circulate in the sneaker community, featured in magazines, and cited for the authority I have obtained from the time I have been involved with sneakers. I have also been asked by multiple sneaker brands my thoughts on a shoe returning. This included how the community would receive the shoe and asked what pairs needed to be returned to the market. I, on behalf of Sneaker Files, have won the best Sacramento blog via KCRA in 2012 and 2013. I also started a YouTube channel, which has amassed over 160,000 subscribers and counting. Because of this achievement, I was given a YouTube plaque, rewarding my 100K accomplishment.

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