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Ewing 33 Hi Remix Release Date

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Remix’ Available Now

Ewing Athletics has a handful of releases for the month. One of the pairs is known as the Ewing 33 Hi ‘Remix’ which...
Ewing 33 Hi What The Multicolor

Ewing Athletics April 2017 Retro Collection

Ewing Athletics is getting ready to launch their April 2017 Retro Collection which will take place on Tuesday, April 18th. Apart of the...
2 Chainz Ewing 33 Hi Release

2 Chainz x Ewing 33 Hi Release Date

2 Chainz is jumping on board with Patrick Ewing and Ewing Athletics. The two are collaborating on the 2 Chainz Ewing 33 Hi...
Ewing 33 Hi 50 Greatest Players

Ewing Athletics 33 Hi ’50 Greatest Players’ Headlines February 2017 Releases

Ewing Athletics will take a trip down memory lane while paying tribute to Patrick Ewing becoming one of the All-Time 50 Greatest Players of...
Ewing 33 Hi Slam Magazine Release Date

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Slam Magazine’ Release Date

The Ewing 33 Hi ‘Slam Magazine’ collaboration is apart of the brands January 2017 releases which pays respect to both the legendary magazine and...
Ewing 33 Hi Charlotte Release Date

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Charlotte’ Release Date

The Ewing 33 Hi ‘Charlotte’ goes behind his days of Patrick Ewing posterizing on the hardwood. As most of you know, Ewing is...
Ewing 33 Hi Sycamore

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Sycamore’

Ewing Athletics will release the ‘Red Croc’ and ‘Black Cement’ 33 Hi during December and adding to the list is the Ewing 33 Hi...
Ewing 33 Hi Black Cement Release Date

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Black Cement’ Release Date

Ewing Athletics will bring some solid launches for December 2016. This time around they once again will release the Ewing 33 Hi in...
Ewing 33 Hi Croc Red

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Croc Red’

Ewing Athletics December releases are starting to heat up and once again, they have another pair scheduled of the Ewing 33 Hi launching this...
Urban Outfitters x Ewing 33 Hi NYC Pack

Urban Outfitters x Ewing 33 Hi ‘NYC’ Pack

Ewing Athletics has another collaborative pack, this time teaming up with Urban Outfitters. The two have launched the Ewing 33 Hi ’NYC’ Pack. Three...