CLARK KENT'S 12 PAIRS for 12 Months

Last week rapper Bun B gave us an exclusive interview in which he revealed his Top Sneakers of 2008. A few days later and we present yet another look at a list of great releases from 2008 as given by sneaker aficionado and DJ, Clark Kent. For those unfamiliar with DJ Clark Kent, he is a hip hop DJ, record producer and music executive. This New York native has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Notorious B.I.G, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Slick Rick, Rakim and many others. In addition to these achievements, Clark Kent has worked with Nike designing several sneakers in the past and continues to do so with the 2009 NBA All Star Game Nike Air Force 1. Clark Kent’s 12 Pairs for 12 months recalls his top 10 sneakers of last year with two bonus models. The list of sneakers can be found below in no particular order.

1. Rasheed Wallace x Nike 1World Air Force 1 High – White / Red
2. Krink x Nike 1World Air Force 1
3. Gore-Texer x Nike 1 World Air Force 1
4. DJ Clark Kent x Nike 112 Pack – Air Max 1
5. Hajime Tachibana x Nike 1World Air Force 1 High
6. Kaws x Nike 1World Air Force 1
7. Nike Air Force 1 – Birds Nest
8. DJ Clark Kent x Nike 112 Pack – Air Force 1
9. Black Friday Nike Air Force 1 DJ Clark Kent
10. Nike Air Force 1 NYC Pack – New York Yankees
11. Nike Air Force 1 Air Talaria Inspired
12. Nike Air Force 1 NYC Pack – New York Knicks

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  1. Only fitting I'm first post because Ima be first in the hypeman competition in Chi City next monday…big ups to clark kent for being a true playa in the shoe game, tht top ten is so fire its burnin my mac from the inside…step it up y'all

  2. F*** AF1's #2 #8 are the tightest pairs. #3 is GARBAGE worst shoe i ever seen. Stick to DJ'n i aint ever heard of you so i dont know if u even good at that holla

  3. I like the AF1 07 models but come on my air forces are what i wear as throwaways. at the end of the day in air force 1's ur feet are going to be sore, unless you break them in. but then its time to throw them out. LOL.

  4. yall is all on his d&%k. i bet he's broke superstars can get any shoe they want don't forget that

  5. AssbombNtx as 4 your wack man joke. you just mad cause kent made it rain all over your face.Oh & dont 4 get 2 blow his candle out cupcake

  6. Screw this guy!

    He can't even have a damn original name.

    I'm getting really tired of lists from people who I don't give a damn about.

    Get me a list from Jordan, Kobe, Tinker, hell even Phil Jackson and I'll care about it.

  7. You new age cats need to go play on the highway somewhere.

    If you dont know you just dont know, dont throw salt you queer…your out of the loop bitching on and Clark Kent is a pioneer signed sealed & delivered for years already so it is what it is. Fuckin Losers.

  8. Yeah guys hes on some hip hop shit, which most of you arent so your no supposed to know who he is. But he's still better than you are so you lost! SAMBO!




    ORDER NOW!!!

  10. Ha!! Look, its like 2009 y'all. The change is coming and the LOVE will crush all you haterz…just like it did in this post! Big UpS to Mr. Clark Kent for being the partyrocka that he is>>>he rocked the Chi on Monday night at Wild Hare, where the fuck were you? Much love to Dave Jeff keepin it PHLI on his birffday and all the fellas from the competition stay HYPE…peace