Nike Air Force 1 - Birds Nest

The bird’s nest design of the Beijing Nation Stadium will the be highlight of the venue’s architecture. Nike uses the design as their inspiration for their latest Air Force 1. Black leather combines with the stadium’s design to make for one sleek looking Nike Air Force 1. This model looks as if it could be released with Supreme title, but nothing is for certain. Via hb.

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  2. something tells me birdman already got these. "im the birdman daddy stuntin wit my air birds in the new caddy, brrrrrr"

  3. anyone else notice that their is black leather for the inner lining? pretty suave if you ask me XD

  4. i gotta hve thes i jus hope they arent overprice they look like premiums tho when do these come out cuz i gotta have these

  5. Bought mine today, size 13 at Nike Town Seattle. $175 The leather insole is KILLER. Like wearing a pair of armored slippers.