Nike 1World Nitro Microphone Underground Air Force 1

In SlamxHype’s recent interview with the Nitro Microphone Underground (Japanese Reggae artists) a new Japanese exclusive Nike Air Force 1 was dug up. With box camo patterns highlighting the shoe, the black undertones in the swoosh, laces and stitching allow the shoe to be more than your average Nike Air Force 1. Keep your eye out for similar clothing in the Nitraid Spring Summer Collection. Via Individual Sole.

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  1. ^^@ poor country

    HAHAHA…that's what i was thinking.

    Bob Mar-ree would be coughin up a lung, laughin his balls off right now.

    Japanese reggae artists (eyeroll)

    Fuck outta here with that shit.

    Ain't no Buju Bounty Killer in japan ;)

  2. To me these echo what I think of all af1's. Shitty! It's so funny to see dudes still rockin um. It's like they stuck. Just cuz you live in the hood don't mean you have to dress like evvie body else in the hood!

  3. I kno it sounds odd but yes they do have Japanese reggae artist but they are more into the dancehall reggae not cultural reggae

  4. the japanese people are an "interesting" people, for which i admit, i honestly respect them for it

    i like the crazy thing they done with this af1, but yeah, i'm kinda over af1s right now. i think air maxes got more going on lately