Nike Air Force 1 1World - Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace have had a long standing relationship with Nike and their Air Force 1 “Sheed” models. Here’s a look at the latest Nike Air Force 1 from the upcoming 1Wolrd collection which hosts different designers teaming up with Nike. Featured is a combination of white and red along with a black mid-sole, Rasheed silhouette and visible Air-unit. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information yet, but keep checking back. Via hs.

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  1. I'm guessing this is a Supreme from the visible air pocket but the leather doesn't look Supreme quality….

  2. YES I HAVE THEM FELLAS JUST EMAIL ME AT MENOFMATURITY@GMAIL.COM ALL Af1 25th I have are authentic and I also have all authentIc Nike DUNKS. Jordan s are copy but you really can not tell at all i have the best Nike supplier out there that have replicas 1 get at me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So u basically sell Fakes…am I right??? If u buy from him ur a fool "Jordan s are copy but you really can not tell at all"…. r u serious i dont condone this nonsense ur jus as bad as dem dudez at da fleamarket i dont mean 2 cut but cum on

  4. #

    Yo these is pif, fire can�t wait til they drop. Copped 2 pairs guaranteed.I love AF1 Hi�s�

  5. klk tan durisimolo teni b klk con esa baina con san carlo no sumardita madre tu ta clara de huevo aiaiaia

  6. damn these hard. sheeds not exactly @ the top of my favorite players list, but his kicks always go hard. ice sole would b ice-ing on that cake. lol < lame. haha

  7. to Couper What It is Right Now H-Town they dont look like supremes probly premium because the stiching isent liek it is with supremes and i can kind of see the lining and thats not leather bur i kind of hope they arent supremes because they would be so expensive and a higtop lined with leather would be brutal in the summer haha

  8. yea man them shits are tuff how can i get my hands on them now and how much? One more question what was those nike's lil'wayne had on at spring bling? need dem too pleas get at me real kicks no bootlegs i don't play dat shit