WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans

WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans


WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans

April 19th is going to be crazy at EastBay, as they are going to restock a large amount of Air Jordan’s!

Taking to Twitter, Eastbay sent out a picture with some of the Jordan’s coming back. They also noted that some will be in bigger sizes, but some of the models will have a full size run.

Which shoes will come in what sizes? As of now it is unknown but we do have a full list below of what is coming out.

Get ready for April 19th because its going to be crazy! Make sure to bookmark Eastbay. Which pairs are you going to go after?

Eastbay Air Jordan Restock List

Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black/Infrared
Air Jordan 3Lab5 Grey/Blue/Black
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Gold/White
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Red Gold
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Red/White (Bred)
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Royal
Air Jordan 10 Grey/Blue Slate (Bobcats)
Air Jordan 10 Grey/Infrared 23/Black (Cool Grey)
Air jordan 10 White/Black/Grey (Steel)
Air Jordan 10 White/Blue/Black (Powder Blue)
Air Jordan 11 Low Black/White
Air Jordan 11 Black/Blue (Gamma)
Air Jordan 12 Black/Blue (Gamma)
Air Jordan 12 White/Black/Taxi (Taxi)
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red/White (Bred)
Air Jordan 13 Blue/Yellow/Black (Squadron)
Air Jordan 13 White/Red/Black (He Got Game)
Air Jordan 3 Blue/White/Black (Powder Blue)
Air Jordan 3 White/Silver/Black (Fire Red)
Air Jordan 4 Black/White/Grey/Platinum (Fear)
Air Jordan 4 Grey/Black/Green (Green Glow)
Air Jordan 4 Red/White/Black/Grey (Toro)
Air Jordan 4 White/Blue/Grey (Military Blue)
Air Jordan 5 Black/Emerald/Grape (Black Grape)
Air Jordan 5 Black/Grey/White (Oreo)
Air Jordan 5 Grey/Pink/Purple (Bel-Air)
Air Jordan 5 White/Red/Black
Air Jordan 6 White/Infrared 23/Black
Air Jordan 5 White/Emerald/Grape (Grapes)
Air Jordan 5 White/Maize/Royal (Laney)

  • Durrty Curt

    Lauren Hatfield

  • Philip Rempe

    Matt Rempe here’s a list.

  • Brian Slechta

    stop tellin everyone,,now well.never get a shot

  • Shaun LaGassa

    Michael Difronzo… In case u missed out on any.

  • Jose Paguio

    Sher Wins

  • Charles Eugene Clay

    Jonny Versace

  • Charles Eugene Clay


  • Diego Santana

    Jeremy Kenner

  • Matters Clarke

    Gonna attempt the bel airs.

  • Brian Dj-Rykë

    Sizes 15 and up only. Bogus.

  • Gabriel Anthony Gray

    Big sizes only from what I understand, 15 and up

  • Tommy Illfiger

    Tammyy Ngatuere-Peckston

  • Troven Tiangco

    Kenneth M. Gargoles

  • Rashaune McBean

    Who cares! jordans suck!

  • Anthony Rios

    David N Desiree

  • Devin Swaggmane Hall

    Only Sizes 15 And Up…. –__–

  • Moe Foe

    Halo Strong

  • Yanni Ouk

    Randy Nim

  • Jenny Kerr

    Jack Harmsworth

  • Chris Mundy

    Finish line only getting 3 restock. Sad eastbay has better connection to nike.

  • Bryan Yee

    go ahead resellers. have at it .

  • Tobias Martinez

    What a crock, only size 15 and up? Who the hell has feet that look like skis? Just let there be some size 10.5 in maybe them royal blues, maybe some he got game 13’s! Any of dem 5’s!

  • Zach Barfels

    Andrea Mundt Barfels

  • Joseph Juarez

    Emmanuel I. Garcia restocking the fear pack 4s!

  • Thomas Lewis

    Breon Jones and Chad Lavon Lewis

  • Emmanuel I. Garcia

    Better get em Joseph… Ima try an get da Bel airs hopefully they have my size…

  • Jaen Almeyda Rivera

    15 and up who the fuck has a size 15 smh

  • Jaen Almeyda Rivera

    Us regular folks always get shafted

  • Iman Martin

    Dontay Penny Toney Frank

  • Iman Martin

    John Lewis

  • John David Lewis

    Saw this on Instagram thanks Iman Martin

  • Joe Shaeffer

    Casey Casey Shaeffybabe

  • Allan Escalona

    John Derrick Alcasid Barachina

  • Drew Emery

    David Hoover Adam Emery

  • Elvin Rivera

    Fucking dumbass lmfaoo it’s not only sizes 15 & up cdfu only some will be 15 & up. The rest will be in regular sizes but limited pairs ! Lmfao dumbass wanna be sneakerheads niggas just saying 15 & up cuz the first dumbass nigga said it so they tried to go along with it so they don’t look stupid but they look stupid regardless because they obviously don’t know wtf they’re talking about lmfaoo ya niggas kill me wit this shit ✋

  • Julio A Payano

    Dennis Diaz

  • Schechter J Schechter

    I don’t think this is tru

  • Schechter J Schechter

    If u click like for the shoe u want it says 2013

  • Elvin Rivera

    It is true

  • Elvin Rivera

    That’s the release year of the shoe lol

  • Elvin Rivera

    *Well the year the shoe released *

  • Daniel Dimas

    Online only????

  • MrCorey Hunter

    ejay thompson

  • Eli Rose

    Glad I got all the shoes restocking just can focus on new releases #realsneakerhead not a reseller

  • Chris Schuster

    Eric Eg

  • Freedom Cross

    Daniel El Majico Monge

  • Flip Sarmiento

    Abner Lean Ines

  • Paul Martinez

    Aubri Connor im sure you got all these already

  • Aubri Connor

    Every single 1 except those blue 1s but that’s cause at the time I didn’t want them…. That’s changed now….

  • Cindy Rivas

    Google them before you buy. Trust me

  • Matthew Goodin

    Matthew Armando Dubon u see this playboy?

  • Elvin Rivera

    Nah they updated it, only some will be 15+ , the sneakers that are all sizes there will only be limited pairs

  • Terrence Robinson FlightRocsteady

    Yea if you don’t wear size 15 or higher they probably won’t have anything for you

  • Jamel Mescudi Rhodie

    Amos Stimage

  • Amos Stimage

    We’ll see what it’s hitting on Jamel Mescudi Rhodie

  • Jamel Mescudi Rhodie

    Hell yea imma try to come up Amos Stimage

  • Travis Sousa

    mainly sizes 15 and up dumbasses lol

  • Curtis E Lee

    Konstantin Sokolovski

  • Amos Stimage

    They said it mite be a lot of 15 & up Jamel Mescudi Rhodie

  • Sylvester Greene

    Then the website will be shut down due to high volume smh oh well

  • Brooks Holder

    Deebo T. O’Neal

  • Marissa Gutierrez


  • Semisi Nepote

    Michael H Miller

  • Brodie Baxwar Dee

    Matt Cooper click the link, they’re bringin in the whole color way of 5’s

  • Princess Hughes

    Tiffany Cherie

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  • Jamal ShakeDown Harris

    Kesha Harris

  • Juanna M. Mitchell

    #Dick Johnson

  • Tolly James

    only ^6s an 3 are going to be in smaller size every thing else is 15 an up

  • Tolly James

    Elvin Rivera it is 15 an up the only shoes not 15 an up is the 3s an 6

  • Rene Suria

    Yea large amount of re stock. For a large foot 15 n up bs

  • Tim Stephens

    Michael White Sarah Jordan….

  • Dontez Ross

    Yona Shepherd

  • Yona Shepherd

    Heaven! Dontez Ross

  • Nathanael Locano

    Samantha Alyssa

  • James Rensulat

    Weelo Nagal

  • Dodong Yan

    Welch Tan Biboy Solis Jomac Macapagal Teofilo Battad Viloria

  • Dodong Yan

    Francisco Bauzon

  • Manuel Sandoval Jr.

    Glad I have all them already
    I’m not too sure about the snake 11 lows tho

  • DerPrinz von Bel-Air

    Antony Stelzig :) (Y)

  • Hamarkeis Berry

    Jota LaGuerrilla C

  • Jessus Uiicab

    Victor Manuel Medina Zavala

  • Jason Salvage

    Timothy Owens Justin MrInternational Shellar

  • Justin MrInternational Shellar


  • Jon Chinn

    Minh-tri Bui Geoff Chinn Brendan Hillis

  • Antony Stelzig

    Am Start….

  • Timothy Owens

    Already on it dog-onit lol

  • Christian Diaz

    Danny Vidaurri

  • Mikka Fajardo-Sioson

    Quinro Sioson shoof

  • Jaime Moreno

    Ashley Parris Jesus Moreno. There’s no way we won’t be able to catch a pair before the month of May now.

  • Calib Pomana-Wesley

    Jason Hunter

  • Carnell Davis

    Only sizes 15+

  • Jc Villarama

    Nancy baka may eastbay store malapit sa inyo!:)

  • Paula Leader

    Brett Fallows

  • Brooks Holder

    Quintez Smith

  • C Stack Lawson

    There only sell size 15 and up

  • Mark Peralta

    Chris Niduaza Brix Peralta j’s

  • Zichu Jiang

    Yao Jiang

  • Jay Bhansingh

    Fuck this,,. It’s a waste of time #Size15AndUpOnly

  • Emanuel Mundy

    Mostly sz 15 and up!!!

  • Nurio Oliveira

    jordan retro 3

  • Sonny Kake

    Giant jordan restock coming to eastbay….. Literally

  • LaMar King

    Josh Owens Gutta Gang

  • Jesus Vazquez

    Jordan Ramos

  • Hassan Speight

    Richard Laryea

  • Richard Laryea

    Hassan Speight my jigga

  • Binyer Bombay

    jordans lol.. nike is just making money out of you fools lol..

  • Lee ‘Neker’ Dulihanty

    Az Shad

  • Geo Schmidt

    SJ Junior, Lawrence Carbonell, Paul Leveque, Antonio Cobb, Samuel Sebo Buffone Jr., Reginald Jones, Timothy Barr, Sean Devereaux, Daniel Desouza…get ready!!

  • Osvaldo Lopez

    Erik Alvarado

  • Erik Alvarado

    Osvaldo Lopez I knew this seens 2 days ago

  • Erik Alvarado

    I know lol but theirs going to be some smaller numbers maybe they said Jorgie Alvarado

  • Chris Pertelle

    Gregg Smith

  • Gene Duffy

    Size 15 and up ok I will buy a couple pairs for my DICK lol stupid wack ass restock

  • Troy Lee

    Brandon Hayes…