WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans

WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans


WOW: Eastbay will Restock Large Amount of Air Jordans

April 19th is going to be crazy at EastBay, as they are going to restock a large amount of Air Jordan’s!

Taking to Twitter, Eastbay sent out a picture with some of the Jordan’s coming back. They also noted that some will be in bigger sizes, but some of the models will have a full size run.

Which shoes will come in what sizes? As of now it is unknown but we do have a full list below of what is coming out.

Get ready for April 19th because its going to be crazy! Make sure to bookmark Eastbay. Which pairs are you going to go after?

Eastbay Air Jordan Restock List

Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black/Infrared
Air Jordan 3Lab5 Grey/Blue/Black
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Gold/White
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Red Gold
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Red/White (Bred)
Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Royal
Air Jordan 10 Grey/Blue Slate (Bobcats)
Air Jordan 10 Grey/Infrared 23/Black (Cool Grey)
Air jordan 10 White/Black/Grey (Steel)
Air Jordan 10 White/Blue/Black (Powder Blue)
Air Jordan 11 Low Black/White
Air Jordan 11 Black/Blue (Gamma)
Air Jordan 12 Black/Blue (Gamma)
Air Jordan 12 White/Black/Taxi (Taxi)
Air Jordan 13 Black/Red/White (Bred)
Air Jordan 13 Blue/Yellow/Black (Squadron)
Air Jordan 13 White/Red/Black (He Got Game)
Air Jordan 3 Blue/White/Black (Powder Blue)
Air Jordan 3 White/Silver/Black (Fire Red)
Air Jordan 4 Black/White/Grey/Platinum (Fear)
Air Jordan 4 Grey/Black/Green (Green Glow)
Air Jordan 4 Red/White/Black/Grey (Toro)
Air Jordan 4 White/Blue/Grey (Military Blue)
Air Jordan 5 Black/Emerald/Grape (Black Grape)
Air Jordan 5 Black/Grey/White (Oreo)
Air Jordan 5 Grey/Pink/Purple (Bel-Air)
Air Jordan 5 White/Red/Black
Air Jordan 6 White/Infrared 23/Black
Air Jordan 5 White/Emerald/Grape (Grapes)
Air Jordan 5 White/Maize/Royal (Laney)


  1. What a crock, only size 15 and up? Who the hell has feet that look like skis? Just let there be some size 10.5 in maybe them royal blues, maybe some he got game 13’s! Any of dem 5’s!

  2. Fucking dumbass lmfaoo it’s not only sizes 15 & up cdfu only some will be 15 & up. The rest will be in regular sizes but limited pairs ! Lmfao dumbass wanna be sneakerheads niggas just saying 15 & up cuz the first dumbass nigga said it so they tried to go along with it so they don’t look stupid but they look stupid regardless because they obviously don’t know wtf they’re talking about lmfaoo ya niggas kill me wit this shit ✋

  3. Every single 1 except those blue 1s but that’s cause at the time I didn’t want them…. That’s changed now….

  4. Nah they updated it, only some will be 15+ , the sneakers that are all sizes there will only be limited pairs

  5. Yea if you don’t wear size 15 or higher they probably won’t have anything for you

  6. Ashley Parris Jesus Moreno. There’s no way we won’t be able to catch a pair before the month of May now.

  7. SJ Junior, Lawrence Carbonell, Paul Leveque, Antonio Cobb, Samuel Sebo Buffone Jr., Reginald Jones, Timothy Barr, Sean Devereaux, Daniel Desouza…get ready!!