Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Typically comprised of amateur players, a 1989 rule change by FIBA altered the path of the United States men’s national basketball team. In ’92, the first wave of professional athletes laced up their sneakers and walk onto the court ready to bring home the gold.

With what is now known as the Dream Team, a roster filled with 13 future Hall of Famers (10 players, 3 coaches), had been formed. Before there were super teams stacking conferences in order to obtain a Championship, there were a group of individuals, some of the fiercest competitors to ever grace the hardwood, strategically placed along side one another for one common goal… to prove USA Basketball was the best in the world.

With the superstars like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird & Charles Barkley on the floor, we not only saw one of the greatest teams ever assembled; we watched in awe as they dominated each and every team while wearing some of the most iconic sneakers (and brands) in sneaker history.

Fast forward to 2011… these sneakers are not only iconic, they are still relevant today. Lets take a look back at the footwear worn by one of the greatest teams ever put together. After you take a look, share which pair(s) are your favorite along with which pair(s) are still in your collection / rotation today.

Michael Jordan: Air Jordan 7 Olympic

The GOAT himself rocking the Air Jordan VII in the ‘Olympic‘ colorway. Considered one of the best colorways featured on the Air Jordan VII, MJ not only won the gold in these but also grabbed his second straight NBA Championship.

Michael Jordan with Magic Johnson 1992 Olympic Dream Team

Michael Jordan showing off the Air Jordan 7 Olympic soles with Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan Dunking 1992 Dream Team Olympic

Jordan going up for another successful dunk rocking the Olympic Jordan VII
Michael Jordan Driving through the Lane

Michael Jordan driving through the lane rocking the Olympic 7
Air Jordan 7 Original Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Side view of the Original Air Jordan VII Olympic