Model: Bathing Ape (Bapes) – Bathing Ape (Bape) Sneakers
Purpose: Fashion
Original Release: 2000’s
Updates: Bape News

The first thing you think of when you look at a Bathing Ape shoe is the resemblance to the Nike Air Force 1. People that love A Bathing Ape do not mind it, but fans of Nike and the Air Force 1 hate it.

Bathing Ape (Bape) Sneakers

Bathing Ape Sneakers Bape
For a pair of authentic Bapes will cost you anywhere from $190-300, it depends on design and quantity. But if you do not get to a BWS (Bape Work Shop) then the resellers will charge a arm and a leg for a pair.

Just like Bathing Ape Clothing there is a ton of Fapes online, but their are some places like Vintage Kicks and Stay246 that you can grab an authentic pair from. But to let you know ahead of time, it will not be cheap.