Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid "Hare"

It seems as though Jordan Brand is highly focusing on their first numbered sneaker, the Air Jordan 1 (I), quite a bit as of late and it is truly becoming evident through the detailed colorways that have released this year and will release in the upcoming year. We have seen the Air Jordan 1 yielding some typical Air Jordan colorways and some not so typical, but this colorway will hit home as a surprise for most sneakerheads. Most of us thought that the infamous “Hare” colorway was made solely for the Air Jordan 7 (VII), but we were obviously mistaken. In 2009, Jordan Brand will be implementing this much sought after colorway onto the Air Jordan 1 Retro.

This 2009 release will feature the word, “HARE” on the heel of the sneaker and will also feature Bugs Bunny in the jumpman pose rather than Michael Jordan himself on the tongue. There will be two colorways of the Air Jordan Retro 1 “Hare” that both successfully remind of us the Air Jordan commercial with Bugs Bunny lacing up a pair of Original Jordan VII “Hare” in 1992. There is no exact release date as of yet, but it is rumored that these could be a quickstrike release in April of 2009 which makes sense due to the relation of Easter and the use of a Bugs Bunny inspired colorway. Via Glltn.

Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid  - Hare

Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid "Hare"

Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid "Hare"

Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid "Hare"

Air Jordan Retro 1 (I) Mid "Hare"


  1. i guess….another jordan 1


  2. thesubwayconnection says:

    Dope. I'd buy these.

  3. well i guess ill cop only cuz they have hare on them

  4. ….I've seen worse (3/4 of Jordan Releases next year. Actually, more like 3.5/4s, for the 6Rings releases that are almost automatically half-assed), though I would have preferred to see this colorway left on the VIIs or put on a different numbered Jordan (VIs? VIIs?). I may not personally cop, as I'd rather get the REAL Hare Colorway on the Air Jordan VIIs.



  6. bklynSNKRhead says:

    these are nice the use of bugs will most hopefully clear the air on which jordans are the bugs bunny's i work in a snkr store and get aggy wen ppl come in and refer to the 8's as the bugs bunny's

  7. 360gamer142 says:

    i guess….another jordan 1

    What how can you say that.Any Jordan shoe with a bugs bunny instead of Jordan himself is not just another Jordan shoe, but we all can say whatever we please.But these are extra fresh and will probably be very limited.

  8. why so many jordan ones????

  9. they are nice ill prob cop'em, but JB i think u guys are getting carried away with the 1's lets see some other retro releases.

  10. Iamnolongerjasonbour says:

    i'll wait till i see more pics of this one.

    it just might blow me away…!

    JB is getting desperate now, borrowing these color scheme from the 7s…

  11. Dope BeT i have to copp even though i already have the hairs these r gonna b FiRE CRAck

  12. beauitful. love the bugs bunny on the tounge. must copp

  13. Fresh 2 Def says:

    I'll pass once again.

    This is another failure by JB.

    I guess they thrive on ruining classics.


  14. gotta see some actual pics first

  15. Dope idea. If the actual sample looks dope, I'd cop.

  16. cant wait to get these man their fukin fresh…

    sooooo many 1's sooo litle nice ones

  17. Retro the Bordeaux VII and my day will be made. Yo, the ones are so oversaturated now!!

  18. kickz in da groin says:

    yo what the hell is up with all these 1s how about retroing 1s that are nice and high top and have nice OG colorways without a strap

  19. JB releasin a lot of ones…. my take on it is he startin all ova releasin them retros startin wit one and goin hard on each…jus my thoughts….so we might see them 11's again in 11 years hahaha…ill b rockin Js til im 80

  20. cameron2319 says:

    I like em but they need to stop bringin out so many ones…its like they are makin it a nike dunk to many colorways but a good shoe

  21. RJK-AJ1 FANATIKK says:


  22. they should combine the colorway of the second shoe with the tongue of the first shoe.. thatd be a sexy shoe


    des a wrap

  24. high swagg says:

    these go be to damn fire when they hit the stores.i like them cuz they got the 7 look

  25. i like cuz of the cartoon ideal…. i will say if thy come out i will cop

  26. BayouBilly says:

    Here's a concept: release the damn VII's again!!!!!

    And I'll never understand the hype over the "hare" colorway. Do people really like saying "hare" that much?

    The bourdeax was where it was at then, and it still is now.

    F these fake hares. F the hype over the real hares. And F Jordan brand for not bringing out a quality retro of the bourdeauxs.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  27. i love the concept and great colorway but come on now im speakin for myself anyone who cares about this question but….Why does JB make so many 1's? he need to come out with other retros's i have like 6 pair of 1's in my closet

  28. these are really nice


  29. This is why ima jus stick to my original Hare vii's that came in the jordan pack.

  30. RICHARDTW says:


  31. i love how jb stcs to the bugs bunny thing

  32. jus gonna pull out my hares lol

    kif i have left over money i mite cop

  33. hmmmmmmm they need to stop with the retro 1's already they coming out with mad colors like dunks and they overdoing it with the 1 as well and thats my two cents

  34. everything jordan stood for back in the day is wasted. Jordan Brand is nothing now but a joke. it use to be something when a cat had a pair of Js on, but now its like any1 can pick up apair and think they hot stuff, when in reality they not. i collect jordans to collect. not to where anymore cuz they be on everyones feet. stop it jordan just stop it. start from scratch, new concepts. new designers. new management. new look. cuz you losin ppl who use to respect JB. and in the long run you killin off your company

  35. F–k what the hatin ass old heads think

    These go hella hard

  36. Is this a collabo between Vandal-A and Jordan Brand?

    They cam out with 2 tee that have the Bunny on them.

    Nice job J.B. way to be original!!

  37. put this colorway and the bugs bunny up on some air forces and i'd cop em in a heartbeat. too many ones though comin out of JB

  38. jonnie707 - > sne says:

    there clean

    im only coppin these cuz of the bugs bunny on the tounge


  40. Clean. Worth the buy.

  41. bendanerd says:

    I like This, I just get tired of seeing the Retro 1's. They should Implement this colorway on to a different retro like da 4 or da 2 in my opinion.

  42. Air Vargas says:

    I copped 2 pairs of the LT 1world Air force 1’s. Both are signed by LT, very limited only 42 were signed. I copped them down here in SD. Size 9 and 9.5. If your interested hit me up at [email protected]

  43. pho shizzle says:

    not coppin now, not coppin when it releases, NOT COPPIN AT ALL!!! man jb has lost it's touch. after the 23's, that was it. they have no more ideas so they put together pieces like this. im not hatin or anything. just bring back the classics. like laney v's!!!!!

  44. I'm coppin I like the stealth and grey ones better than the white one

  45. cameron1523 says:

    raw im coppin them and im a kid yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  46. im coppin both colorways and im buyin my girl the pink ones wen dey come out

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