Unfortunate perhaps, but a plethora of Jordan Brand products have shorter shelf lives than Lil’ Bow Wow. Everywhere you look, signature models are cracking and degrading at alarming rates–even MJ himself can’t escape the ol’ “yellow” funk on his Columbia XI (11) Mids that were recently acquired and posted digitally by Alaska shoe buff Phase2. (His momma calls him Jermaine.) The model has been creased, laced, and rocked by the King (Chill, LeBron) making it the dopest player sample product I’ve seen in a New York Minute. Who cares about the discolored soles, anyways? (I hear they build character.)  The model was produced to fit Jordan’s size 13.5 skis and was manufactured in Taiwan.  Only one question remains–how many underfed Taiwanese children were terrorized and bruatlized during the sneaker’s production process to ensure that Mike himself was terrorizing opponents on-court?