In an effort to diversify its consumer base, adidas reinvented several of their “Originals” models in a skate-friendly format. Stan Smiths, Superstars and Rod Lavers began hitting shelves with densely padded tongues and sticky outsoles. The brand has also reached out to numerous pro skaters for endorsement and product placement deals, including incredibly talented skater Mark Gonzales. The aforementioned Gonzales recently reworked the Polson ST, applying a ghost-like (I’m not quite sure what the unique design is–we’ll update here when we get better images!) pattern to the lowtop’s middle panel and suede accent to the product’s toebox and collar. A t-shirt featuring the same poltergeist motif will accompany the ST. The Mark Gonzales x adidas Polson ST will be available at the adidas Originals store in Spring 2009. Via Hypequest.