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adidas Passes Jordan Number 2 Sneaker Brand

adidas Passes Jordan Brand as Number 2 Sneaker Brand in the...

Over the past several years, adidas has been slowly creeping up on Jordan Brand and Nike. According to NDP Group’s Matt Powell, adidas...
Nike NBA Socks

Nike Officially Unveils NBA Socks

Announced in June 2015, Nike’s partnership with the NBA begins with the 2017-18 season. Today, Nike and the NBA share the new Nike NBA NikeGrip Power...
Russell Westbrook Jordan 10 Year Extension

Russell Westbrook Signs 10-Year Extension with Jordan Brand

Russell Westbrook recently inked a 10-year contract extension with Jordan Brand. This will make him the richest athlete deal in the history of...
Jordan Brand Michigan Maize Uniforms

Jordan Brand Unveils ‘All-Maize’ Michigan Uniforms

On Saturday, The University of Michigan will take the field against the University of Florida in the first regular-season contest between the schools. Hosted at AT&T...
Jordan Brand Argentina Basketball Uniform

Jordan Brand Unveils Argentina Basketball Uniforms

The Argentinian basketball team, known for its determination, team spirit and style of play, gained international recognition after beating the USA in 2002. Two...
Jordan North Carolina Football Uniforms

Jordan Brand Unveils North Carolina Uniforms Inspired by Jordan’s Practice Shorts

Jordan Brand has just unveiled the North Carolina football uniforms. The Tar Heels will wear the Nike Mach Speed chassis, which is designed...
Jordan Hongdae Seoul Store

Go Inside the New Jordan Hongdae Seoul Store in South Korea

On August 4, 2017, Jordan Brand opens its first store in Seoul, Korea: Jordan Hongdae. “The energy and passion we see for sport and culture in cities...
Michael Jordan Responds to LaVar Ball

Michael Jordan Responds to LaVar Ball

Michael Jordan isn’t one to shy away from competition or even trash talking. However he recently broke the silence on LaVar Ball, the...
Jordan Charlotte Hornets Jerseys Uniforms

Jordan Brand Unveils the Charlotte Hornets Uniforms for the 2017-18 Season

The Charlotte Hornets just unveiled their first two uniforms for the 2017-18 season, the White Association and Teal Icon editions, in preparation for Nike...
Jordan Brand Re2pect Chicago

Jordan Brand Pays Re2pect to Chicago

Over his two-decade career, Derek Jeter exemplified and set the blueprint for how to give and earn respect on and off the field. What...