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Air Jordan 3 (III)

Air Jordan III - Air Jordan 3

Original Air Jordan 3 Release

Air Jordan 3 (III) Original White / Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) Original Black / Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) Original White / Fire Red
Air Jordan 3 (III) Original True Blues White / Cement Grey - True Blue

Retro Air Jordan 3 Release

Air Jordan 3 (III) 1994 Retro White / Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) 1994 Retro Black / Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) 2001 Retro Black / Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) 2001 Retro Mochas White / Dark Mocha
Air Jordan 3 (III) 2001 Retro True Blues White / True Blue
Air Jordan 3 (III) 2003 Retro White / Cement Grey - Fire Red
Air Jordan 3 (III) Retro Silver / Sport Red / Light Graphite - Orange Peel
Air Jordan 3 (III) Flip 2007 Retro White / Chrome - Black
Air Jordan 3 (III) Fire Red 2007 Retro White / Fire Red - Cement Grey
Air Jordan 3 (III) Do the Right Thing Retro
Air Jordan 3 (III) Pure Retro White / Metallic Silver
Air Jordan 3 (III) Black Cat 2007 Retro Black / Dark Charcoal-Black

Air Jordan 3 (III) History

1987-1988 was an outstanding year for Michael Jordan performance wise. Air Jordan 3 IIIMj won the Slam Dunk contest, All Star MVP, All-Defensive First Team and Defensive Player of the Year. Through all this success, he was wearing the Air Jordan 3.

Peter Moore (which designed the Air Jordan I and helped on the II) was let go from Nike, as well as Bruce Kilgore. When they had left, Peter and Bruce were trying to convince Michael to leave Nike with them, good thing MJ said no.

Air Jordan III 3

Now Nike needed a new designer to make the Air Jordan III. So they went to world famous Tinker Hatfield. His name is known mainly for designing Air Jordan III-XV, and also making a return on the AJ XXs, but Tinker also designed some really nice Nike's as well. Tinker and Michael worked hard, talked to each other on what were good ideas, and what could "work". Air Jordan III HistoryMichael wanted a lightweight shoe, with a lot of durability. So with the Air Jordan 3 they both decided to make them a Mid top, the first mid top to be seen in the Air Jordan line. On the AJ III model Tinker placed the famous jumpman logo on the back of the shoe, and adding in a "elephant print" on the toe box. Also the IIIs were the first AJ to have a visible air-sole unit.

The inspirations for the AJ III are AJ I and II, the free throw dunk, an elephant, and last, but not least Michael Jordan. Nike's selling strategy was simple, and great, they had MJ and Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee). After watching these funny commercials you had to go out and buy yourself a pair.

In 1987-1988 when the Air Jordan 3s just released they sold for $100.00. In 1994 when Nike re-released the AJ III they retailed at 105.00, but just like the AJ I and II models, they hit sales racks. In 2001 and 2003 when the Air Jordan III released one more time, the price tag was $100.00.