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ANTA KT5 Disco Ball Release Date Info

ANTA KT4 ‘Klay Area’ and KT5 ‘Disco Ball’ Releases on October...

Although Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson is expected to be sidelined for most of the 2019-2020 NBA Season, his new signature shoe with ANTA...
Klay Thompson ANTA KT4 All-Star Release Date

Klay Thompson’s ANTA KT4 ‘All-Star’ Features Removable Patches

Klay Thompson’s ANTA KT4 is going through a makeover for the All-Star Game that is taking place in Charlotte. Looking closer, this ANTA KT4 features...
ANTA Nike VaporMax Ripoff

ANTA Releases Their Own Version of the Nike Air VaporMax

The Nike Air VaporMax has been one of Nike’s most popular shoes since the originally launched on Air Max Day 2017. While the...
ANTA KT3 Klay Thompson Colorways

Klay Thompson’s Next Signature Shoe, the ANTA KT3

Klay Thompson who is signed to ANTA will be launching another signature shoe. Known as the ANTA KT3, we have a first look...
ANTA KT2 Chase Finals Pack

Introducing Klay Thompson’s ANTA KT2 ‘Finals’ Pack

The 2017 playoffs have been an undefeated path for Klay and his teammates as they pursue the ultimate prize of an NBA championship. Now,...
Anta KT2 Patriot Klay Thompson

Anta Debuts Klay Thompson’s KT2 Patriot

ANTA has just unveiled and released a new color options of Klay Thompson’s signature shoe, the KT2. Having a Patriotic theme is the...
Anta KT 2 Warriors Colorways

Klay Thompson and Anta Release Latest Signature Shoe, the K2

Anta America today has unveiled the new Anta KT 2 Warriors Pack. Two colorways will be included which are known as ‘Blackhawk’ and...
Anta Chicago Bulls

Anta is Collaborating with the Chicago Bulls?

Anta, a brand based out of China whose biggest name signed to the brand is Rajon Rondo might be collaborating with the Chicago Bulls,...
Rajon Rondo New Signature Shoe: The Anta RR2

Rajon Rondo New Signature Shoe: The Anta RR2

At one point, Rajon Rondo was considered the best Point in the NBA. Due to injuries, and the outplaying of others has others...

ANTA Rondo 1

As rumors have swirled surrounding Rajon Rondo’s new contract with China-based sportswear company ANTA, the deal has been sealed as ANTA introduces the new...

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