Finally, something original from Jordan Brand! Just kidding! This rare hybrid brings together the Jordan X (10) upper and the Jordan XX (20) sole. The purpose, I’m told, was to test the cushioning system out for Chris Paul’s latest signature shoe, which implements the same bottom. Jason Mayden, a designer from Jordan Brand, set this shoe up for auction yesterday in Hotlanta. All proceeds will go to helping the benighted country of Haiti. At least this trash is helping people!

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  1. So this is the guy slandering the legacy made by the legendary Tinker … please, Jason: quit your day job.

    I'd actually say it's JB's fault for hiring such a fool to helm important products like CP3's sig. shoe…so PLEASE, Mike – get this guy out of here and undo your mistakes.

    No offence, but when even the SneakerFiles staff (who should, on the most part, remain neutral and leave opinion to their comment sections) are so disgusted that they mention that your test project as absolute garbage, that's how you know you need new work.