I disagree with what the writer below me said about Jordan Brand releasing “trash.” What could be better than combining elements from some of my favorite designs? Nothing, that’s what. I sleep quietly and peacefully every night, dreaming of what the creative masterminds at Brand Jordan can come up with next. I can’t wait until a shoe combining features from all 25 Air Jordans arrives! This one, combining the Air Jordan I (1) and Air Jordan XX (20), is white and black and red, like most of the original Air Jordans. They will release in May and cost $115.

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  1. I just don't like these because the idea for this shoe came from fake jordans that were made years ago and were identical

  2. wait a min, nike auto flight high grey/electric green gets a 3.5 while this shoe gets a 4.38?! Shows how many jordan bandwagoners are one here, newsflash: not every jordan made today are good, including this horrendous looking ones. Rather get the original XXs.