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  1. Yo he's got a pair of the white/ infrared 6's!

    look towards the top on the left..

    Maybe thats a sign of a re-release cuz i seriously doubt he has a pair of OG'S!!!

  2. OH great cause this guy who has millions of dollars really need 200 pairs of brand new jordans. BULLSHITTTTTTTTTTT. Im not hating its just the truth. Fuck that

  3. Okay to Yung P, those aren't infrared 6's, those are the b-loyals which are wack as hell…He has the ragin bull package but the rest of his collection is pretty sorry, i mean hes got the jordan elements in there. I feel i have a better collection than this fool…not anything special

  4. I must admit, this picture is not that impressive… But Wade is the hotest player in JB now… He can now get ANY shoe in WHATEVER color we all can only dream about…

  5. 'HD' your on point dude, b-loyals without a doubt. chrome jumpman clearly visible on the side.

  6. Maybe this picture wasn't to "show off" his collection, but give his fans a snapshot of his choice of kicks on any given day.

    With just 1 quarter of his per game salary, he could send all of us back to our closets in envy!

  7. U could tell that jordan brand just sent him their recent releases, do u really think this would be his collection

  8. wow i feel cool if im lyk most of us i hav many of tha same shoes as tha best player in tha NBA

  9. he bet not rock no player exclusives. he better have his own signature shoe. he is now officially the best player on team jordan. PERIOD! its gonna be tight to see him rockin some ragin bulls tho!

  10. ive been collecting since 92 and this is just plain horrible…d-wade step ya game upppp! team jorads, fusions and .5z are NOT fresh…wackkkkkkkkk! get sum ogz please!

  11. Lol its true that all he has in this pic is uglaz team jordans and shit and even though my collection is way smaller than this I feel like I have more heat than him. But remember this is just a teaser pic he might have 100 times way more heat than we will ever have. This guy is a millionaire and he must have retros in colorways never before seen this is probably his weak side of the collection.

  12. Wat…no Yeezys? Jk…but I agree with Andrew, D Wizzle is on JB now (Along with Michael Crabtree, Go NINERS!!!), So jus wait til the 09/10 season starts…all you cats saying this collection is wack/garbage, you'll be kinda right…but eatin your words at the same time cause he's gonna be bringin some fire on the court, none of the converse ish (even tho Jordan and everyone and their mommas wanted to be with Converse back in the days). Wouldn't surprise me he rocks some playoffs, those blk/red 6s droppin, blk/red XX3s LE (everyone on JB rocked those this yr..C Paul had the white/varsity blue, R Allen white/green), 6rings, etc. We'll all be hella jealous…ya dig?!?

    PS: Maybe that's y this is jus a teaser?…once he gets all his JB PEs made, he's gonna ish in our faces?

  13. Lets be honest we all D.Wade will not be usin teams more retros cause let's remembe every chicago boys dream is to wear a pair of air jordan retros nd play in the NBA he obviously uses teams but maybe jst 2 chill or somethin nd he will most likely get his own shoe a few months from now.

  14. This isnt his entire collection. On his twitter he said when he got home to the Chi, there were boxes of js waiting for him at home. He's just showing what JB sent him. Must be nice.

  15. People are funny as hell. You make fun of people who buy General Releases or fusions. Shut the hell up. You buy the shoes Jordan Brand decides to make less of to make sure they sell at the list price. Because they say limited release means you should over pay for the same stuff? They come from the same factories! I remember when jordans still came out during the week. Now everybody is a fuckin expert. They are athletic shoes. They are meant to be worn. Maybe you feel good about spending $600 on a pair of worn shoes because they were made back when Nike was looking out for the little guy and only charged $125 for a $10 shoe but I don't. I wear all my shit and I don't buy fakes. I have 100+ pairs and I wear all my shit. Get a life and shut the hell up, damn hypebeasts…

  16. Man i taught Dwayne Wade how to play basketball hahaha jk. Nice collection, though.