Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

The latest sneaker from Jordan Brand’s ‘hate it or love it’ Fusion line is the Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV), which meshes key elements of the Air Jordan 4 with the overall shape and mid-sole of an Air Force 1. Pictured here is the “Mars” colorway that features a white leather upper with varsity red accents seen on the mid-sole, tongue, and lace holes, while black accents are visible via the inner lining, heel, mid-sole stripe, and wings. This style of the AJF 4 will release in both Men’s and grade school sizes, though the grade school edition hosts a few differences from the adult pair. The Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) – White/Varsity Red-Black will release on July 4, 2009.
Now available at UTA for $15 under retail price and free shipping!

Photos via Extra Butter.

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) GS:
Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (IV) - White / Varsity Red - Black

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  1. eh man I hate to say it but I actually like these. And I have been so against buying fusions since they first released. I don't know if I'll buy these.. But they are alright.


  3. anybody who like rated more then 2 stars fail. i mean the real mar 4s are like not fake looking and much better then this

  4. hey, ummm, alex, jw….. are you 8 years old? you type like my 5th grade cousin, or a drunk…………….. anyways, people that hate fusions are hypebeast, these are hot right here and anyone who calls me out on these really doesnt know sneaks.

  5. I promise u these will be in my collection by saturday june 27th… To hell with factory release dates… i want em early!!!!

  6. Finally a decent pair of fusions. Maybe its because I like this colorway of the 4s but these are hot.

  7. Who ever doesn't like these are not in it for the love of the shoes but for the of the hype. It looks like they took their time with this shoe. I hated the thought of a fusion IV.

    Well atleast I like these lets wait for the abominations that follow.

  8. these are decent but its the price i have a problem with. Still i would also pass on these. Best fusions imo were 3 4 6 and 20s.

    only fusions im looking to get are 18.5s

  9. This might sound crazy but I like these more than the CDP IV. I sold my CDP IVs but these are pretty dope. Copped mine yesterday and will be getting the bred pair as well.