Air Jordan 5 (V) - White / Dark Cinder - Del Sol - Now Available

The Air Jordan 5 (V) recently released via the Defining Moments Package 2, and we are now receiving word that pictured Air Jordan 5 will release internationally today. This pair was originally previewed in March, and then we had a detailed look of the sneaker in May. We now have a look at the retail version, which hosts a white patent leather upper accented by a yellow sole, brown contrast stitching, brown tongue, dark army mid-sole, and an extremely unique inner lining. As previously mentioned, the Air Jordan 5 (V) – White/Dark Cinder-Dark Army-Del Sol will release at international retailers today, June 27, 2009, for a retail price of $135. Click to Purchase on eBay!

Air Jordan 5 (V) - White / Dark Cinder - Del Sol - Now Available

Air Jordan 5 (V) - White / Dark Cinder - Del Sol - Now Available

Air Jordan 5 (V) - White / Dark Cinder - Del Sol - Now Available

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  1. Terrible colors. And that patent leather is overkill. When these start selling for $80 i might look at them.

  2. What's with the late release? Footlocker in Toronto had them from last week. They're not bad. Actually selling well.

  3. J head no seas pendejo dice alli international yo que soy mojado lo entiendo no puede ser que un perro como tu no lo entienda

    Los jordan cuestan mucho prefiero los de la pulga

  4. With the plethora of other V's out, why get this one? Either one of the raging bulls is better and also the CDP version is also much better. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  5. I like these. I been waiting on a release date for the longest! I still dont trust buying Jordans off of Ebay…does anybody know of any legit sites I can get these?

  6. copped…if you don't live in US grab em on eBay…some ppl are nuts tho…tryin to sell them for $400, thats BS, you can get em retail 135-160 on eBay

  7. LikeBigButts, Just make sure you buy from a legit ebay seller, most of these ebay ppl have legit stores overseas or in the US and set up shop on ebay too. Ive been buyin and sellin on ebay since 2003, if your a sneakerhead you know how to spot fakes

  8. Jb is pissin me off with these international only releases first the true blue's now these…….FUCK YOU JB …..FUCK YOU

  9. what stores in amsterdam and paris have these?????????? cuz im there now and want these toshow off in Seattle boii

  10. These would be alright without the lining, contrast stitching, and yellow sole but they look like sh!t how thet are now

  11. Oh great, another international release! First the True Blue 3s, and now these, you cannot be serious, Jordan Brand!!!

    What are they thinking?

  12. international release makes em more sought after like when the spizikes were released or like the oc miro 7s. personally i think these are very nice. i think people just diss patent leather before they look at the details. this shoe is nice. not overdone but with many components

  13. I got two pairs from these are better than the orginals IMO. I got one pair for Balling n the other for collecting not going to miss out on them this time.

  14. Man damn whats with these number 2 countries getting the retro jays if this is an international release than the Air Jordan 3 "True Blue" is going to be an international release as well. Micheal Jordan didn't win Championships in these countries it's funny because JB gives us shitty fusions and Hybrid Jordans but gives these Number 2 and Number 3 countries grails. When the Space Jams come out they better not be an international release or JB can forget about me spending anymore money on their merchandise.

  15. YEAH! Int realease means Canada keeps coppin em. First True Blue in Aug, now this. Nevertheless, these are WACK! U cats in the US arent missing much.

  16. thanks for the osneaker info yall. I like these alot and Imma cop em. Its gonna be even better that nobody else is gonna have these around my block.

  17. Does anyone know if all the collezione boxes should be the same size. I have 3 different packs and each box is a different size tthe shoes are all legit. I just noticed the difference in box sizes and wondered if that were true. Either that or i got beat!!


  18. These dont look that bad, Im going to weare these to the release to Dead Tone! Keep special kicks for special events….lol! Sept 8th

  19. Man…. Deez r dope I don't knoe y u lames hatin on these it's a fresh azz colorway……fucc haters!!!!!!