Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game worn player exclusives are amongst the most coveted sneakers available, and you now have a chance to pick up two pairs of the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) worn by the 2009 NBA Finals MVP, Kobe Bryant. The first pair is the All-Star version, and it hosts a red upper with gold and white accents, while the second pair, which was worn by Kobe in the first game of the NBA Finals, yields a white upper with blue and gold accents. The seller of both auctions claims that the sneakers were bought at a consignment store from Jordan Farmar’s (Los Angeles Lakers) brother. Whatever the case may have been, you can now purchase both game worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives on your favorite online auction site. Click here to see the auctions!

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

Game Worn Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV) Player Exclusives (PE)

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  1. sneakers are so out of style. its all about motorcycles in 2010. i have over 30 pairs of sneakers… you think my white friends notice the season year or style. they are just plain "nice shoes" doesnt matter to them if its a pippen 1 or 2. girls too, they dont care, my parents also. its superficial. its Los Angeles. even wealthy people have one pair of athletic shoes and one business pair and maybe some loafers.

  2. forget kobe shoes. they are just tools to any NBA player, they get shoes every week for free. look at all of yall. paying out the pockets. your some fools…for real. kobe and all the nba players laughing.

  3. he probably thinking i wonder how much these shoes gonna go for on ebay. because you glorify rubber and plastic. its sad. and God is not please. you care too much about people pleasing rather than God pleasing. and thats the truth! and everyone hates the truth so i expect you to not listen and be stubborn.

  4. go ahead live your whole life trying to please people…see where it gets you…i have only desire to please One.

  5. I agree that shoes could be considered glorified plastic and fabric, and the price tag for shoes is pretty ridiculous because of what people think it should be. Then again, you're paying for an aesthetic. What makes a painting by a master worth more than a painting by someone else? It's the perceived value based on how aesthetically pleasing the design is.

    It's pretty much consistent across most things though. Cars are the same; these days you can get a Honda with about as much luxury kit as a BMW and a Mustang with about as much power as any german sports coupe and pay substantially less, and part of that has to do with the badge and the perceived value.

    Hmm.. didn't mean to lecture like that, just trying to kill some time really…

  6. I agree it's a waste of money, but I love kicks. I don't do it to please anybody else but me. I just say don't go overboard. You need 30 pairs. I have 6. Jordan V, VI, XI, two pairs of the XX3's, and the Lebron Soldier III. I don't need every new pair of kicks, but I must say when the holidays come around, I know I will be getting the Jordan XI Spacejams.

  7. SP1DER

    So to get noticed by your white friends and girls I should start collecting motorcycles in 2010? I think I'd rather just cop shoes and not care about whatever feelins you catching

  8. sorry guys i was a little drunk that night. i was just spilling my guts, but now that i am sober i am surprised that a lot of what i said makes sense. but it is no business of mine to tell people what to do, if it makes yall happy then i say do it. but i am just focused on getting this motorcyle yamaha r6 for 2010 summer. ^ alex i hear you on that! we pay for the brand name even though its made in the same factories of CHINA and BRAZIL and TAIWAN. We are just paying for a name and personal status and hierarchy, it is in fact one of the most basic areas of the brain which is located at the brain sternum (stem) and we have had this since our primates ancestors.

  9. I agree with shoes being an aesthetic, I personally have 13 pairs of J's, Lebron soldier I and III's and 2 pairs of Air Max 97's but I own all of that to please me and no one else, to be honest, most people think Im crazy including my wife and family…but not everyone understands the meaning behind it…we are spending money to spend money, to us, or me anyway, shoes are statement, an art and a hobby, they speak a lot about someones personality.

  10. um sp1ders dumb because he says he only wANts to please God but read the bible, getting drunks a sin and what did you say you were when you were trying to preach the word to us all hypocrite, you said you were drunk. dumb.

  11. lol sp1der you're a funny f*****.. ha ha, i agree you shouldn't drunk blog and i do agree even as a sneaker head that it's funny that we glorify shoes the way we do, but you know what different strokes for different folks, as long as you keep things in perspective that's what i think is important…lol btw great analysis as to why we glorify superficial things via the biology lesson