Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

After a plethora of previews of this Air Jordan 5, including a Look See Sample showcased yesterday, we now have detailed pictures of the actual sneaker that is curently scheduled to release next month. The most prevalent aspect of this colorway is the full white patent leather upper which is accented by a yellow translucent sole, brown tongue, dark army midsole, and contrast stitching. A couple other key aspects of this sneaker include the unique inner lining pattern and the white speckled flame on the midsole. The Air Jordan V (5) – White/Dark Cinder-Dark Army-Del Sol is currently scheduled to release in June 2009, but be sure to stay tuned for updates and check the ‘jump’ for additional detailed pictures. Via Weekly Drop.

Via Kenlu.

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

Air Jordan V (5) - White / Dark Cinder - Dark Army - Del Sol

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  1. Ok. Can someone explain the point of this shoe? Why is JB just randomly dropping this hideous crap?

  2. ^^^^ yyea i agree the sample version was alot better than these…the stitching looks like you got dirt on it

  3. aww these are ugly jordan brand doesnt have nuthin on reeboks period yall need 2 step yall game up like me nobody wears nikes anymore especcialy jordans

  4. theyre are kinda nice, the contrast stitching will prevent the nasty dirt that gets in the all white stitch and you dont have to worry about the sole yellowing, patent leather is always easier to clean and it looks nice maybe the tongue is not all that but i agree, better than any fusion so there you go

  5. i dont like 5's with the 23 on the heel, doesnt flow for me. but im calling these "banana peels". but idk, even nasty colors can make a shoe work, its more of a risk for the creator which i think is good

  6. Luv the V's, but not in this colorway. I would still rather have either of the V's from the toro package, or the V from the CDP.

  7. I thought these were tight in a sample picture i saw the other day…but the final verson looks hella weak. Easy pass. Thanks JB for making it easier for me to save my money. first the polka dots, then the cinco do mayo's, and now these. I might have to stop collecting jordans @ this pace.

  8. So Everybodi Complainz about Retro Jordanz cumin backout now when JB bringz dem out inna new Fresh Colorway everybodi wanna run dey mouth…I personality like dez alot cuz i like Patent leather however da Sole will not yellow but da sneaker itself will yellow cuz of da Patent leather but oh well i really do like dez tho

  9. These are better than the other army Vs and will be oh so fresh with my army/cream lifestyle jackets that dropped for the other army Vs that Im glad I couldnt get now…Haha..Fresh, for 09…YOU suckersssssss!!!!!

  10. these r fresh n reebokman ur a losa, only girls wear reebok, step ur game up..NIKES ALL DAY!!!

  11. awwwwwwwwwwww KOS i feel u bro!! hahahahahahahahaha everybody f*ckin complainin about no retros & then they give u one in a fresh new good summer colorway & yall complainin like nobodys business!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha HYP-PO-CRITES!!!!!!! shoes are fresh so shut the h*ll up

  12. Mane if u ain't feelin these den sum iz seriously wrong wit u. I personally think that these look better than any shoe from tha Toro Bravo… nice summer colorway wit some khakis. Now all I need is an OFFICIAL release dat… any1 know??

  13. Listen, there are a lot of V's out there to "cop" (to purchase or buy from a local retailer or shoe aficionado). There are three other V's I can name I would much rather get. First is the V from the 5/18 CDP. Second place would be the bloody red V from the DMP 2 package and third would be the 3M version from the DMP 2. Second and third place can be flipped flopped. These are fuggin' uglee. Not ugly with a y, but uglee with an e. PASS.