Kevin Garnett’s Anta Signature

Kevin Garnett’s Anta Signature


Kevin Garnett's Anta SignatureWhen Kevin Garnett had decided to opt out of his contract with Adidas most of us were surprised to say the least. Not for the fact that he left Adidas, but because he left to join Anta.

Today we have our first look at KG’s new signature model, name unknown as of now. There are two versions. First is an away colorway with a forefoot strap, the second pair bares resemblance to the away in certain aspects but looks to be an entirely different shoe done in a home colorway. The third model is the same as the ‘home’ version, due to poor lighting we can’t tell what the exact colorway is, only that it looks to be black/royal blue and yellow… not sure why since KG plays for the Celtics.

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Via HoopsChina

  • Big L

    I can understand they might be paying more money to K.G but WTF are these…Epic FAIL!!!

    I hope K.G didn't help design them

  • jw

    reminds me of those big bulky signature shoes Ewing use to wear.


    the only k.g. shoe that was hot 2 me was the kg bounce by adidas. why did he leve he left nike in the first place? badd move.and a even badder next move who is anta? he most b the only guy they got. poor k.g…..

  • william

    The black/ royal blue & yellow are for his high school team colors at Farragut high school in Chicago

    • nightwing2303

      Thanks for the info!

  • bobby

    he left nike because they wouldnt lower the price of his shoes. mad kids were getting popped and dropped for his sneakers. i dunno what they do in your area but cats in baltimore were getting offed for kicks especially his. during that time alot of players left nike or opted out of thier sig shoes for other models so kids can afford to buy their shoes.

    • nightwing2303

      Thats very interesting. I remember reading/ seeing that in the news regarding Jordans but I had no idea people were doing that for the Garnett series. Thanks for the info!

  • Sayaboi

    Where did this brand come from?