adidas is doing everything in its power to keep up with Nike/Jordan Brand and the strides they’ve made in not only the sneaker world in general, but also the hardwood floor in particular. So far this NBA season, we’ve seen the adidas Commander on a number of adidas big men. But the adidas TS Supernatural Commander, specifically, was most recently unveiled in a “Magic Beast” colorway for Dwight Howard to wear on Christmas day.

Now we’d like to show you the same silhouette in a player exclusive for the “Big Ticket,” Kevin Garnett. KG’s adidas TS Supernatural Commander sports a cream stitched pattern and white leather on the upper. Boston Celtics green can be seen on the ankle lining, straps, and along the midsole. Personalized KG touches come by way of his jersey number on the inner panels and signature on the heel. Now all we need is for both Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett to lace-up their respective adidas TS Supernatural Commander PEs and lead their teams against each other to see how the shoe holds up (and looks) in competition against itself.

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  1. NIce. Took inspiration from old Kobe shoe -the feet you wear-sole. I think the thing holding back addidas is the thing that symbolizes them- the 3 stripes marking. they should do something a little more subtle.