Nike Big Nike & Nike Air Max 95 - X-Men Pack
This past weekend X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters, and was a huge success. To add on to the excitement, Nike releases a X-Men Pack which consists of a Nike Big Nike and a Nike Air Max 95. The Big Nike is modeled after Wolverine’s classic costume, consisting of yellow, black, blue, and red. On the side paneling, heel and tongue, you can see slash designs to symbolize Wolverine’s claws doing some damage. The Air Maxes are designed after Wolverine’s brother, the evil Sabretooth. The colorway matches perfectly, and there’s even a little fur by the tongue. Sneaker Politics has these in stock, so be sure to get the Big Nikes ($100) and the Air Maxes ($160) while they last.

Via CtotheJL.
Nike Big Nike & Nike Air Max 95 - X-Men Pack

Nike Big Nike & Nike Air Max 95 - X-Men Pack

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  1. ^^^Hey Dummies Those Arent Dunks. If Ya Can Read It Clearly Says Nike Big Nike.

    IMO Gr8 Pack. Love The Nike Bigs And I Wanna See Them In More Packs 2 Come

    ***718 BX Boro***

  2. ^^^ they are called BIg nike Dunks, so maybe you should know what your talking about before you comment. Retard

  3. ^^^^calm down there buddy, they are nike bigs no dunk what so ever so "maybe you should know what your talking about before you comment."

  4. ^^^^Im sure that my comment was as calm one can get ,so why don't you keep to your f*cking self. and shut your mouth

  5. O yea an one more thing JP if yu want ppl to "keep to themselves" yu prolly shouldn't comment on websites just write it in your diary or fo bacc to playing gears of war… lame…

  6. DHill, Iv got more pairs of shoes then you will ever have. Iv only been collecting 4 years and have upwards of 150+ pairs. so why don't you step ur game up, and shut your mouth pu*sy.

  7. Right… an there's a shoe called BIG nike DUNK too lol anybody wit that many shoes would kno the difference. Dude it;s not cool to get on shoe sites fu*k up shoe names an then lie about being a collector… Go spit that lame Sh*t on xbox live wit the rest of your lame friends an circle jerk each other

  8. I see why JP was calling them Dunks, because they are techniquely dunk/vandals/big nike……… It's NIKE faults not JP…..LOL… But with that said I like the 95's and can do without the Big Nike's…….lol