Nike Air Max 95

Model: Nike Air MaxNike Air Max 95
Purpose: Running
Original Release: 1995
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The Nike Air Max 95 (or called by many the 95’s) were designed by Sergio Lozano, which he was inspired by the human body. The midsole represents the spine, the graduated panels are the muscle fibers, the lace loops and straps are the ribs and the mesh by the lace loops is the skin. The Nike Air Max 95 only had the Nike swoosh in two locations, one at the heel of the 95 and the other on the back.

Nike Air Max 95

Nike Air Max 95
The first Nike Air Max 95 to release was the Black/Neon Yellow/White color way. The yellow throughout the air bubble really brought the Air Max 95 to life. Another added feature is the 25 PSI air bubble readings on the air units and outsole also when the Nike Air Max 95 first released in 1995 and 1996 each pair came in a special Nike Air Max box. It could of been the air bubbles or the color ways or just maybe the overlapping mesh that made the Nike Air Max 95 a great sneaker.

One of the main reasons of the Nike Air Max 95 for being as popular as it is today would have to be the wide variety of color ways produced, over 150 models to date. Also different materials were used on the Nike Air Max 95 over the years like 3m, different styles of mesh, patent leathers also a special Nike Air Max 95 hybrid 360 released that had the Air Max 95 uppers with the Air Max 360 midsole.

Some very nice collaborations have released of the Nike Air Max 95, one being with graffiti artist “Stash”. Also a World Cup pack released with Nike Air Max’s (and other sneakers) featuring the Country Flag colors.