Nike Wolverine Pack - Big Nike, Air Max 95

Last weekend, the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine released, and we can tell the people at Nike enjoyed it, since a new Wolverine Quickstrike pack is due to release sometime next week. The two pairs in the pack are the Nike Big Nike, which is inspired by Wolverine’s original costume, and the Nike Air Max 95, Wolverine’s new costume. At the heal of the Big Nike, you can see Weapon X’s claw marks. You can purchase both pair sometime next week at Sneaker Bistro.

Edit: The Air Max 95 is inspired by Sabretooth

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  1. yea those 95's are lookin good. And on a side note, anyone see those supreme blazers on the ebay listings? They're in a 13 too!!! Someone get em for me.i'll pay u back lol