So So Def x Bape Roadsta Champions

Jermaine Dupri is certainly no new name to the sneaker game, and the folks over at Bape have decided to hook up the successful producer/rapper with his own Bape Roadsta colorway. This pair has been nicknamed the “So So Def” Bape Roadsta Champion due to the fact that JD owns the So So Def record label. Featuring a white base with blue, gold, and red patent leather accents, this pair’s definitive uniqueness well represents the best of both brands. Another interesting aspect of this sneaker is the t-shirt, seen after the jump, which comes with it. Unfortunately, the So So Def x Bape Roadsta Champions is said to be an extremely limited release, so don’t expect to cop a pair anytime soon.

Via Global14.

So So Def x Bape Roadsta Champions

So So Def x Bape Roadsta Champions

So So Def x Bape Roadsta Champions

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  1. Bapes specialize in ripping off classics such as Shell Toe Adidas and AF1's and making them look like clown shoes…straight wack juice…I can see J. Dupri's midget self sportin' these clown shoes.

  2. Bapes got the hood on some straight homosexual fad…these and all Bapes are wack!! I agree, their clown shoes..Some Malibu's Most Wanted type shoe!! WACK!!!

  3. My opinion…Bapes are for fake poser like dudes. Bapes look really funny on grown men..bapes would be a good brand for kids…not for grown ups…they're ridicolous to be honest..

  4. it'z mess'd up cuz BAPE SHOES are wacc but not da clothes!

    and most folkz can't buy the "real" clothes!

    LOL! …..So Futuristic!

  5. yo im fuckin sick of dis stop it… any more bape hatin bandwagons u guys wanna get started and most of u people shouldnt be sayin shit cuz bape is the reason u got interested in kix.