Oklahoma City Thunder star and Nike sponsored athlete Kevin Durant stood behind the Nike Hyperize after news emerged last week that the state of the art hoops shoe was banned by the Detroit Pistons athletic trainer after many players came down with ankle injuries while in the shoe.

Durant, who appeared in the Nike Hyperizers commercial earlier this year, had this to say about the shoe. “Ankle injuries can come from stepping on a guy’s foot or coming down on somebody. Rarely does it happen when you’re just running around on the court,” said Durant, who struggled with ankle injuries his first two seasons only because he landed on someone’s foot. “And sometimes it doesn’t matter what shoe you have on, so I don’t think that’s the issue. It just happens when you’re playing.”

Via: OKC Thunder Notebook

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  1. Love KD, but the Hyperize are trash (and he is under contract with Nike).

    More power to the Pistons trainer for taking a stand.

    The version of the Hyperize that ended up releasing should never have hit the market. Shame on Nike for coming up with such a crappy product and pushing it on us as the next great hoops shoe. I'd rather ball in Chuck Taylor All-Stars… at least the canvas would offer better lockdown and support than the Hyperize's minimal Flywire upper.

  2. after tryin many shoes on the past 3 years, I didnt tried the hyperizes but i tried the hyperdunks. the hyperdunk is just great, i dont think the hyperize is so bad shoe next to the hyperdunks.

    I believe that nike could fail a lil bit on the comfort for the desing. but i dont think its so bad. I had the XX2 of AJ, the SHOX bomber, even some adidas Creators, and commanders. also the Lebron soldier 2…i think the worst ankle supporting shoe. I think the hyperdunk were the best shoe…and it had a great ankle support. I just can really think that the hyperdunk two's (hyperizes) that are weared by most of the leauge…are so lame shoe like the pistons made them look.

  3. there is a sh*t load of players that wear hyperize in the nba..only shoe i have with flywire is the lebron VII allstars, of course i wouldnt ball in them, but they comfortable as hell and very supportive. idk if regural hyperize have the sock like design inside them like the lebrons tho.