While some notable players have successfully transitioned from the NBDL to the NBA, the everyday basketball fan probably knows little about the NBDL and its players. Well, for those of you who don’t know, the NBA has afforded the adidas brand even more visibility than usual on the hardwood floor per the athletic partnership between both parties. While the adidas company provides sneakers for NBDL players, those who choose to wear any other brand’s footwear has been instructed to cover up appearances of the logo with the use of athletic tape. Now it becomes clear which players simply have a preference other than adidas and that adidas is willing to act with as much right as it has to overcome the competition. What are your thoughts?

Via SoleCollector.

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  1. hahahaha-the second dude in da hyperdunk looks like he's dribblin a giant basketball..poor d league guys..dey cant even rock nikes..not hatin on adidas though cuz un kno damn well if nike had da contract w da NBA dey would b taping up adidas stripes too

  2. thats weak. how they gon sponsor the WHOLE d-league to the point you cant even show yo swoosh. ridiculous. is what it is though. id do it quick for a shot at THE league.

  3. These responses are retarded. Who cares if they have to wear tape? Its for a chance to make the league, not impress people on a stupid blog.

  4. adidas aint bullsh*t n.But Yeah like buddy said who gives a fu(k what they are wearing they get a chance at going to the nba. fu(k ill wear some starberrys if the nbdl could get me in the nba. and that second pic. is retarded

  5. this is extremely dumb… let them rock the shoes they want the way they want… one company having complete control… there's a word for that… its a monopoly… which is illegal

    anyway… judging from the comments above it appears the majority of people who read this blog have an IQ of roughly 25…

  6. Blunt Machine, it's not a monopoly, it's called sponsorship, you're just dumb. You all act like you watch the D-League and are genuinely upset that you don't get to see brand new exclusive shoes because of the tape. If Nike had the desire to give an entire league the funding it needed to keep its head above water, which is what the D-League needs because it gets no coverage whatsoever, then all the players would wear Nike.

  7. This kind of thing is rampant in sports across the board. I was watching a D League game and thought I noticed this going on. Another exapmle is when Vince Young goes back to Texas, he wears a strip of athletic tape over the Nike Swoosh on his Texas shirt because he has a deal to wear Reeboks on Sunday. Its corporate marketing and branding run amok!!

  8. If I was playing in the d-league i would pull a michael jordan and take the fine every game.

  9. Dumb A$$ there isnt any Jordans in the d League. Thats why there r in the "D" league.They dont get paid like nba players. For the love of ray j Damn