Pharrell Williams turned up at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin last weekend to present his newest artistic creation, the Tank Chair. Made from Plexiglass, the chair has a base that resembles the all-terrain wheels of a tank. Pharrell wore blue flannel, a red Ralph Lauren POLO vest, denim, and Danny Kass Nike Snowboard Boots to the event. Too much color, or are you feeling the boots as a fashion statement?

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  1. i love pharrell but he lookin hella gay here. and im not even talkin about the boots, just his whole posture. i kinda dig the chair tho. id rock em

  2. wth is with wearing the snowboard boots. watch everyone is going to start copping his style. Yah only for the snow people. very uncomfortable just to walk in regularly.

  3. I usually never hate, but this uncalled for, and a legit hypebeast move, to wear snowboarding boots, extremely uncomfortable to walk in and look way better accompanied by a snowboard.

  4. Love pharrell and the outfit but no snowboard please don't bring out em boots. Sneakerfiles im sorry but yall are mad late these pics litterally dropped 2 months ago. He looks fresh , just not his feet. Hypebeast please dont start doing this

  5. i hope ppol wont start rockin those shoes like ppol starts wearin skinny jeans when they saw kanye wearin it lmfao!

  6. biggest hypebeast alive. you dont wear snowboarding boots unless your snowboarding. he desecrated a beautiful pair of dk zoom forces..

  7. the tank chair is fire!!but pharell is on a flamin chad??

  8. The vest is dope, the flannel is nice, the hat is outta place, glasses are from from his days of Superthug (Noreaga), and the boots? Basically you can only get away with it if you're famous like him, otherwise its completely stupid. Ironic, P typically is a style God…

  9. this is exactly why every snowboard company hates nike snowboarding. you dont see people rockin a pair of 32s do you? i bet a good majority of you guys dont evn know what 32 is

  10. mikey no one asked p to rock these on streets, no reason to hate. nike has nothing to do with this

  11. i hear ya mikey, most of these guys thinking snowboard boots are cool probably dont even own a pair, dont get me twisted i own a pair of nike snowboard boots they are comfy and durable i wont hate they are a good product. my problem here is that this guy pharrell is over here putting them on and im betting he cant use them to ride, that is why he is taking pictures in them. i understand fashion but one of the basic elements is your supposed to determine what you wear is by where you are going.