Detroit Pistons' trainer bans the Nike Hyperize

Accusing one of Nike’s newest basketball sneakers, the Nike Hyperize, of “[taking] most of the support out of the sides,” Arnie Kander, the Detroit Pistons’ strength and conditioning coach, has banned the Nike Hyperize from the team locker room. Kander states that “most basketball shoes weigh between 1.4 and 1.7 pounds. These shoes were weighing 0.8 pounds, which was way too light as far as side support.” Kander cites ankle, knee and groin injuries to many of the Detroit Pistons as evidence that the sneaker does not provide adequate support to the feet. What are your thoughts? Did Arine Kander make the right decision by banning the Hyperize or should NBA players be allowed to wear whichever the sneakers they choose? (Pictured above is the Nike Hyperize – Ben Gordon PE)

Via Yahoo.

Detroit Pistons' trainer bans the Nike Hyperize
Charlie Villanueva (right) in the Nike Hyperize

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  1. good move Arine, if everybody wore the same lightest shoes they'd be running at the same speed again anyway

  2. this is pretty ridiculous… there are so many people that are playing in these shoes and not getting hurt. Not just NBA level but all the way down to high school. Not to mention charlie villanueva is wearing ankle braces, so it shouldnt matter regardless

  3. arine is right the nike hyperize is a nice shoe but to play is funny have to double sock just to get some support…but no disrespect to nike i love there shoes

  4. i ball in a pair of these. i started getting pains and soreness on the inside of my legs, between my shins and my calves. had to swap out the insoles and since then i've been fine.

  5. For an actual trainer to make that calls says something. NIKE is full of elite designers but have no real ortho or training backround. I honestly think the Kobe V is a joke too. NO weight equals BROKEN ANKLES! I play ball in the Jordan 12s or Lebron IVs. I used to prefer the GLOVE series but they dont exist anymore

  6. im a high school player and after using the hyperdunk sophomore year, and the hyperize this year…i must say i hate the hyperizes. I can jump higher and run faster in my nike shocks( and get more sprained ankles) but the shoe also just doesnt feel right. the hyperdunk was a light shoe and it performed great. looking to get hyperdunk lows or kobe v's in the near future.

  7. thats stupid…wat u wana wear or watevr u think u perform better in is your choice…we wearin all these high perfomance shoes wen bac in the day had dudes wearin chuck's and flat converse's so i know these hyperizers are no problem u got ppl in the nba, nbdl, college, high skool, overseas and evry were wearing this shoe i think its just another excuse 4 theyre poor performance and the trainer just being afriad of change

  8. cosign with 14…dude i know the hyperdunks to me look better than the hyperize…but i can see y the hyperizes would be a problem…ive had the hyperdunks for a while now. i use them for the gym, ball etc…they're great shoes no doubt

  9. i hoop in the hyperizes and i love them it takes some getting used to but i switched from the hurrachie 08 so it wasent that big of a diffrence cant wait for the hypermax 2010 tho

  10. To me it depends on the size of the player. Now an average size guard wearing them is no problem because they need support , but not as much as a big power forward or center carrying a lot of weight. So basically if you are prone to ankle injuries easily this shoe is probably not for you,.

  11. First off, let me say that it's nice to have an actual discussion about shoes on this website – rather than the typical drivel. I for one would welcome more of this – talking about the merits of a particular shoe as far as wearability, playability, etc., instead of whether it looks good or not! Second, I think part of the problem is that after playing in cushy shoes for years and years, our feet adapt and lose their natural ability to play with less padding/cushioning (just my theory). They say it's better to run barefoot, for example, and so they developed the Nike Free. Not saying that running/bball are the same at all, but hope you get my drift. I too think it's worth some serious consideration if their trainer has a problem with it.

  12. Amen, Bison. I heard of a condition they call Nike Knee. It is where the body is used to over cushioned shoes and adapt to it, then are not able to handle less cushioning over time. I know that Nike Knee is not the medical term for it, but I cannot remember the actual term. I agree that it should be the players choice, but I am not paying these guys 5 million a year either. They should all wear Chucks for a game just to see what it used to be like.

  13. I like playing in my hurrachie's the throwback originals and my jordan 14's and 15's because the weight feels just right I went to footlocker and picked up a pair of hyperize's and it felt like holding a plastic wendy's cup (empty) so I would never hoop in anything that light. my ankles would never forgive me they look good tho.

  14. real talk I sprained my ankle wearing the all black hyperize's. They have no ankle support and they are too light for bball.

  15. the ankle area of the shoe has no cushion, neither do the sides of the shoe and it is flimsy. Very light but these shoes are terrible

  16. i think that the NBA players should be able to choose any shoe that they want to wear. the hyperize is a good shoe but my not be sutted for all players.

  17. The trainer did the right thing. He is looking out for the athletes. The trainer in Detroit is old school and one of the best in the league. One poster compared this to old school dudes wearing chuck t's but the ballers are bigger, faster and stronger. Add to the mix different moves (hop step, change of direction dribbling, etc.) the forces that are applied to the feet and ankles is great. Don't wear the shoe.