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Detroit Pistons’ trainer bans the Nike Hyperize

Detroit Pistons' trainer bans the Nike Hyperize

Accusing one of Nike’s newest basketball sneakers, the Nike Hyperize, of “[taking] most of the support out of the sides,” Arnie Kander, the Detroit Pistons’ strength and conditioning coach, has banned the Nike Hyperize from the team locker room. Kander states that “most basketball shoes weigh between 1.4 and 1.7 pounds. These shoes were weighing 0.8 pounds, which was way too light as far as side support.” Kander cites ankle, knee and groin injuries to many of the Detroit Pistons as evidence that the sneaker does not provide adequate support to the feet. What are your thoughts? Did Arine Kander make the right decision by banning the Hyperize or should NBA players be allowed to wear whichever the sneakers they choose? (Pictured above is the Nike Hyperize – Ben Gordon PE)

Via Yahoo.

Detroit Pistons' trainer bans the Nike Hyperize
Charlie Villanueva (right) in the Nike Hyperize

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