Discussion- Which Signature Series Boasts the Best Performance?

Discussion- Which Signature Series Boasts the Best Performance?


Who is the better basketball player… that question constantly stirs up debate more times than one can count. Have you ever thought about whose signature line has been the better overall performer?

The Air Jordan Legacy has 26 models to date, each one boasting better performance features than the previous. LeBron has 8 models, and his latest pair has had 2 versions with a third about to retail right around the corner. Kobe has had 6 models under Nike and has been aggressive about testing the performance field with groundbreaking innovation and technology with unconventional design elements (low cut sneakers anyone?!?) that had the basketball world wondering if you needed ankle insurance because you were wearing Kobe’s or because those who wore them had the upper hand in battle.

As the consumer, which of the three do you feel has had the best overall signature series from a performance perspective? Aesthetically, this might be a no brainer… but we’re talking about performance here and this is no easy feat. I myself am having a hard time choosing just one of the three since I personally have loved playing in sneakers from all three signature athletes.

Let us know which you choose & why in the comment section below. If you have an All-Time favorite performance shoe from either player’s line go ahead and share that with us as well!