Now that we’ve all been able to get our AJ3 ‘Cement’ fix, there are more releases in the future that should not go unnoticed.

The next installment of the Bin 23 series will be utilize the Air Jordan V. Seen here are some new images featuring what looks to be the finished product. Premium black leather is used on the entire upper. The embossed side panel netting has been replace with a clean perforated panel. A 23 is on the heel along with an icy blue tinted outsole. Finishing touches include white laces, a 3M tongue and silver/black splatter paint on the midsole.

The changes look to be for the better as I personally hadn’t liked the Bin 23 AJ5 until now, what do you think?

Via MN

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  1. Not really feeling the laces, switch them out to black and these shoes are legit. Other than that these BIN23’s are dope.

  2. i like 5’s but this is whole lot of blk and not to much of anything else

    i need to see better pics but so far they look decent ……………………….peace23

  3. ANYONE WHO LIKES THESE CLEARLY HAS NO TASTE IN NOTHING , JUST CUZ THESE R THA 5’S THAT DONT MEEN U HAVE TO LIKE EVERYY DAMN 5 hahaha these are horrable the worse 5’s yet i wud take a fake pair of fire reds instead of this , the only reason why i would ever cop these is to re sell it to some idiot since these are “bin”

  4. Da Gooch BIN 23 is a actual bin on someones desk that all the colorways that you are seeing now on these jays were placed as almost a throwaway…they had so much stuff in the bin that someone said hey since all these colorways on jays are doing good lets release a few out of BIN 23 and see how it goes hence the BIN 2’s croc skin…just an out of the box set of colorways for all the jordans that are numbered..l.. I charge for sneaker lessons :-)

  5. I would cop if they do something with the sides. I like the original white grids in the side.

  6. Found this dope definition for “bin” from Blue0230 @ Niketalk…

    The “Bin 23” series is directed at the “mature” Jordan Brand consumer.
    The concept is derived from wine culture. When wines are made, they are assigned to a particular vintage, series, lot… or bin.
    So a winery will often distinguish between varieties of wines by their “bins.”
    A wax seal is sometimes used to identify the bin a bottle came from, and also for simply for authentication purposes.
    That little red splatter on the “BIN 23” Jordans simulates a wax seal.

    So basically, by creating a conservative, earth-toned colorway and placing a “seal” on a retro, JB are trying to convey some level of sophistication – Something that CLEARLY has gone over the heads of the intended consumer (the OP, for instance).

    If you ask me, someone looking for sophisticated footwear isn’t going to buy an over-priced, low-quality retro… Cole Haan, Gucci, LV, etc. are going to get those dollars.

  7. Damn they fucked these up…They should have left em how they did…The laces need to black. Might cop em and just switch em out

  8. If you don’t like these, your opinion doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t even waste time commenting. These are clearly for someone who appreciates quality and attention to detail. These shoes look good when seen in a picture, in person they definitely look ten times better. If you spell the word, horrble, like this “horrable’ you shouldn’t be commenting on this shoe or telling anyone that they shouldn’t like every retro V the comes out. I’m guessing most of the people who don’t like these shoes are the morons who think Dr dre headphones are the top of the line..hahaha….”true blue” FOOLS!