The first big Jordan Brand release dropped today, selling out online fairly quickly, yet nowhere near as fast as an Air Jordan XI release. How was your experience for the 1st big pickup of the New Year? Share your stories with us in the comment section.

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  1. best experience yet was able to get two pairs and no websites crashed hope like the flints and cool greys did

  2. copped off footlocker at midnight…… thought they would be sold out in stores early but called couple hours after they opened and they still had my size,… oh well gotta wait a week for em….

  3. Pretty good quality shoe, looks so sick with black jeans, with the tongue hangin over the jeans… comfortable, and sturdy… good job JB

  4. I went to finishline picked up my pair didnt try them on in store got home and one of the shoes had a crease in them like they had been tried on. I was the first to get my pair so Im thinking a employee tried them on prior to sale.

  5. I got to the store at 930 and picked them up and left, I over slept I shoulda bin there half an hour early, south jersey has no jordan game

  6. had to work, copped a pair off and on the phone with footlocker at 12:15am simultaneosly, just hope the box stays in tact thru the mail.

  7. No line. I felt dumb. Fit a lil big, took em back. Sold ou t my exact size had to go a half size smaller. Still fit well and look amazing. These are kind of “sitting” you guys.


  9. Quality of the shoe is actually on point. The box is a big plus, one of the best retros in the last 10 years. Went to my local fl, got there at 6am opened at 9am. Only complaint I have is the limited amounts of sizes per stores. They only had 1 sz 9 and I ended up with a 8.5 :/

  10. I’m with Deftronic, had my pair since the end of Nov, picked up a 2nd pair this morning…probably skipping the playoff 13’s, altitudes and white/reds were enough, next cop will be the bordeauxs for sure!

  11. Went to Foot Locker at Eagle Ridge Mall (Lake Wales, FL) at 11:00am, walked in and out with two pairs. Plenty of sizes available at both Foot Locker & Foot Action.

  12. Funny, Im with MJC. Had a pair since November (plain box though)….ordered two more today and passing on the Playoff XIIIs. I like my reds.

  13. i like the whole presentation on the packaging for the 2011 retro but the quality of the box is crappy it’s like the white gift boxes you wrap for b-days and holidays.just got mine today and can tell in the near future the box is already going to fall apart.i would have to disagree on the quality of the shoe it self.there are flaws not major but a true jb collector would be able to tell.jb quality has gone so far down it’s really disappointing.i remember when the quality meant something.

  14. …I didn’t even hav to wake up to to get em becuz my dude that works at finishline always holds a sz 9 for me…the quality of the box is kind of trash and in a way I wish they wud of put the shoes in the regular retro Jordan box or cam out wit a new box…either way, I’m not really n it for the box even tho the box is part of the deal, I was juss able to buy my shoes at 11-somthn and now waitin for the blue foamposites to drop…

  15. Got to foot locker at 9:40 am. No line, had pairs out on dispay. Copped and.out by 9:45. Thought it would be more of an event. Glad i have my second pair tho :)

  16. Passed on these still have a DS pair from 03 n that box is not worth $50.00. Copped the playoff 13 instead I love Japan.

  17. Got them easily!…. walked into footlocker in the afternoon my local guy had them on the side for me haha.. only size 11s for me (:

  18. Well San Antonio, Tx On point wit the Jordan releases, because I didn’t get mine till the 3rd mall I visited today. They sold out at the 1st one and the 2nd mall, and finally found them at the 3rd mall. My 1st stop was at 7:00am by 7:05 gone pretty much everywhere. Didn’t get them till 9:01am luckily the mall I went didn’t open early like every other mall in the city. Well I got them

  19. went to footlocker I got mines at 10:02am 2 minutes after the doors opened. no worries , fast and smooth for me. even got a cuties number while i was in there.

  20. from Calgary, canada here.

    dick face manager at champs sold them all to his own friends. so i picked called footlocker 2 days ahead and had a pair reserved for me. easy cop.
    I walked up to the counter and the clerk automatically knew i was there for the 3’s

  21. I wish they were limited just like the altitudes. Got mines from finishline only 3 people were in line I like the shoes but jb used some poor quality hope they use good quality material on the playoffs 13

  22. heat….i have 2 pairs from o3’…’em…just wish was a little limited…oh well…won’t wear mine for a couple of months….

  23. I got mines real quick, think this is one of the best release of the years beside the foamposite, crazy 8, concord 11 and the playoff 13.. but i enjoy my 3’s and im glad i didnt have to wait along time to get mines

  24. Not very Hard easy cop! A lot of people are saving and still hurt from Christmas!
    This always happens with releases from the beginning of the year.

  25. these are the only releases where ther was nobody waiting in line. no nothing. woke up at around 11 went to my local spot. they still had em in my size. no hassle at made it feel like i was picking up a pair of adidas or something lol

  26. Easy Cop. waited online at got mines real fast. did have some problems with saying couldnt find product after i had clicked on the picture but thats about it. wish i wouldve went to the store though now i gotta wait a week for em.

  27. had a nice line at champs when they opened for 8 that morning. like 20 people. I got mine no problem tho. but there was a nice little line down here in new orleans.

  28. As simple as going to Footaction at 1pm, go to the store and pick up my pair of shoes, pay with my credit card and left the store to my house. That’s the best of living in Puerto Rico that do not pass any problem when you get a shoe because nobody here gives great importance.

  29. got up at 8 am
    borrowed sum money
    and i got the last 10.5 pair available at footaction (puerto rico)

  30. Easy cop went to the mall to eat like at 9 at night ended up goin to footlocker right after

  31. Waited on the phone for one hour with eastbay to get them, and no luck. Now have to pay some jerk who only bought them to make some money off em.

  32. They were super easy for me to cop. I went to the store at 9 and was in and out in 5 mins.

  33. too easy to obtain…im puttin a pair on layaway tomorrow… the thrill is in the hunt….i feel my size 11 a little big..anyone else feel the same?

  34. i went at 9 pm and their was about 50 people in line. they didnt open da mall till 1 pm and i froze ma ass off but still go umm

  35. partied from 12am to 7am then went to footlocker copped em walked out with my sz. no line no problem got home tried them on fell asleep with them on my feet (Las Vegas)

  36. I went to a local mall (footlocker) and got there early, theyre was litteraly like 5 people ahead of me.

    After like the first 3, the lady said there are no more 9 and 9.5’s…WTF

    Is that normal? Seemed kind of shady, how would a footlocker just have 3 pairs of 9 or 9.5’s.???


  37. very easy to pick up. went out like 5pm to foot locker and they had a size 13 which surprised me. usually i go that late im screwed.

  38. Oh yeah it was like fifty people in line at 4 in the. Mornin…I’m in tacoma wa… box was on point but one of my jays look like they been worn wit that minor crease in the left shoe….but on to the playoff 13s….maybe the foamposits royal…and the black history 3some as well

  39. only about 15 people in front of me at 0730. Footlocker only let 1 person in at a time. Wanted to get a pair for my wife but they didnt have a 6. Overall pretty easy to get but these run big?? Are the black III’s gonna be the same at the end of the year??

  40. Typical Jordan release morning… Except I noticed an older age crowd than the XI’s. Wife and I hit Finish Line up! Real special shoe for a special momment in time. Back in ’03 when they was retroed I got a glimpse of the most beautiful women in the world, and she was so fly in the 3’s!!!!!!! Of course I married her a few years later! Shoe makes me smile!

  41. Tried to order them at midnight on Friday and Finishline said there was an error with my billing address but still took the money off of my card. So i had to call their customer service # at 8am so they could fax my bank some info letting them know they had released the funds back to my account. The department that handles that at my bank of course is closed on the weekend so i had to wait til Monday. Monday i called the bank and the money was back in my account and I went and picked up my 3s. So alls well that ends well i guess

  42. Thank the LORD for Brian’s Sport Shop in Newburgh,N.Y..I had my pair on reserved and I didn’t have to campout early at the local mall.This shoe is so dope!!!I’m happy with my purchase.

  43. went to champs downtown sf it was a easy cop , it was literally no one in line. But what i didn’t understand was that they seemed to only have one size 9 and luckily i got them haha. but where did the other size 9 go?? waiting on the XIII playoffs next !

  44. Got my hands on quite a few pair although I had to wait a while. Already sold some made my money back and got a nice little profit. So now its like I got some cement 3s, and I got payed to do it. HAHAHA!!!!

  45. Madddddd easy cop I woke up at 10 in wlked in my local spot in nobody wuz at the mall but got my pair tho…..oh and I payed 112 for mine lol

  46. LA,
    Niketown day before. Wristbands were gone in 20 mins. Next day sold out in 20 mins.
    Finish line and Sheik had 2 pairs each sz… =/
    Footlocker had a camp out line…. No good.

    Did not get them but oh well.
    Cant wait for the black ones!

  47. Tried to get mine online at midnight. Went to one retailer (that shall remain nameless) ****FINSHILINE*****! Said there was an error but still removed my funds from my account. HUH!?Of course I that was the majority of what I had in my account. By the time I got them to put the money back in my account they were sold out!! I know now who won’t see my funds again!

  48. I got 4 pair at footlocker and didn’t have to wait in line which was awesome. The 3 are the best jordans ever!

  49. @ Juan Lopez almost the left shoes came creased they were not worn just how it was made in production I coped 2 pairs for retail a few days before at some mom and pop store I was picking which box I wanted to have a fresh box

  50. Walked into champs my favorite sneaker spot sold out but went 2 Footlocker and had like 300 pair so Preety easy cop n I rocked em out tha store

  51. Had no trouble at all gettin em here at VA i got a second pair for my collection . A little to no line at all at some spots.

    I usually wear a size 11 but i had to get a 10.5 they fit a lil too big.