Air Jordan V Premio Bin 23 Detailed ImagesHere is our first complete look at the Air Jordan V Premio BIN 23.

Sporting a full black upper in rich leather, doing away with the mesh side panels and utilizing a solid clear outsole… is this the best BIN 23 sneaker thus far?

You be the judge and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Via MS


  1. …actually, these are just like the ragin bull package that drop lik a year or two back…the only difference is the material that is used for each type of shoe…n honestly, the ragin bull joints that dropd are better because i bet dars gona be a price tag on these lik 250…smh, i dig these but wouldnt spend the money that they probably gona ask for em…but real talk, people lik shoes that are just plan like these and not to colorful…blk, gray, n red (the basic color way)…

  2. Simply beautiful means you will pay. jordan brand is rediculous..they need to start coming out with stuff like this for there regular line up not just runs of 300 sneakers or w.e the hell they r gonna make of this
    besides that sneakers are fresh. would look soo fly with a moncler

  3. shm! how many more jordans r they gona crank out? theres not enuff
    money in the world! and when r they gona put some pics of the 2k11
    jordans? i need pics……..

  4. they need to put the mesh back on the siding and they will; hands down, be the best bin 23 ever, possibly one of the most highest selling products since the recent retro iii and upcoming retro xi “cool grey” forsure up in here in the northwest


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