Early this week we posted a interview from Gentry Humphrey at Kickz101, and during the interview he confirmed that Jordan Brand will release a special Air Jordan skate shoe.

The new Air Jordan Skate sneaker will be called the Flipside, and will take characteristics from the Air Jordan 3. As well, Jordan Brand went to Stevie Williams for some advice, and talked with other skaters about joining. Via nsb.


  1. JB just putting their hands in everything. probably why ryan sheckler was wearing JB stuff on his last show. I don't think real skaters will appreciate it but depending on what they look like ill cop em

  2. if they are designed using silhouettes of the IIIs, then it's going to be really difficult to go wrong. the IIIs are the arguably the the best jordan's to come out, imo. cant wait to see what they look like

    • word, i used to skate j3’s in the day and they skate just as well ,if not better than, as some of those SB dunks that are around now. too bad they have to go to stevie for advice, whens the last time that dude put out footage/ did anyone buy or skate his reebok shoe?

  3. omg i new peoplewere gonna act fuckin gay and be like o um i dono and all this other shit sayin hes a sell out and not a good idea pnest to god for the past like 3 years sence i kinda got into skatin im like yo jb needs to make a skate shoe i mean y not if nike does it why cant he and hes affilagted wid nike so w.e and for G87 to think its a desprate move is just retarted u at like hes new to the shoe thing and dont have money. i think hes thinkin that he pretty much killed the basketball shoe game and such why not take it o a diff level dident mean to write a damn story but damn eople shud be happey i no i am .

  4. i called this like 3 months ago. i think they should use the air jordan 1-5s because in skating u need a flat bottom shoe. They couldnt have picked a better skater than stevie williams. he will definitely represent the jordan brand right.

  5. keep it original, and what Jordan brand was made for basketball, anything else makes it a reflection on what 23 years of classic stuff was all about.

    P.S – JB dont need their hands in everything!!!

  6. even tho skaters used to wear jordans for their grip back then, this seems like a pretty bad idea. I have no problems with JB but like other people said, this seems kind of desperate.

  7. their’s money in the sk8 industry nowadaze…..pretty sure JB can see that…and since their already talkin with stevie williams who is mad respected in the sk8 industry/community…i say why not…..nike sb struck gold bein down with p-rod(and vice-versa)…everyone hated on nike sk8 shoes until p-rod wore them…..JB’s probably hoping stevie can have the same effect with their sk8(inspired,lol)shoes……..1


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