Gentry Humphrey, of Jordan Brand sat down with the people at Kickz101 to give some insight on where Jordan Brand will be in the future. A lot of questions were asked during the interview, with the main question “Is the Air Jordan line going to continue”? Check out the video, and enjoy.


  1. they all work for me…

    some real good info in em too…

    and im using a mozilla firefox browser…so if you have that use it

  2. works for me too. Firefox as well No more past 23 !!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is why i need at LEAST TWO pair of every XX3 , ( i could live with ONE PAIR of TITANIUMS 🙂

  3. my computer doesnt show videos, no matter what browser i use….its a piece of shit, anyone wanna tell me what's in the videos? is G breaking with tradition, or is he still got his head up his ass?

  4. Gentry was talking about how they will be going in a different direction after the 23. he is quoted saying that "Micheal is going to be doing things hes never done before"..saying retros will come out for Micheal Moments in his career( for example) a release of the shoe jordan scored his 20,000th point in. Retros will be quote "harder" to get after 2008. Gentry also said michael always like his shoes with the clean toe and Tinker made the jordan X with a line across the toe, Gentry said all black/White jordan X with the line going across the toe are worth "a lot" of money.. Jordan Brand made 3000 of these pair.. Stopped production then Re produced jodan Xs with a clean Toe. Gentry also said Jordan least favorite shoe was jordan X, and mentioned some of his favs as the IX,XI, XII. Gentry also mentioned they were doing something with skateboarding,

  5. I think you're right about the VII's at the end sick, plus everything else the man said I am looking forward to 2008 man

  6. Bigger chase? they just dont learn… when i hear those words i think about how many people are going to get killed over these sneakers ..

  7. those shoes were one of the "6 rings pack" i beleive

    there NOT onlympic VII's!!

    there basically another dub-zero/spize'ike!!!

  8. kixs for life said

    am March 11 2008 @ 10:30 pm

    did anyone hear about the six rings pack …gentry said its going to be like another spizike……

    ^^ That 6 rings shoe is fugly! It's the 6,7,8,11,12,13 combined in one shoe. If you've seen it, the initial drawing of the shoe is hideous. Makes the Fusions look like magical wonder of awesomeness.

  9. freddy said

    am March 11 2008 @ 10:40 pm:

    "Bigger chase? they just dont learn… when i hear those words i think about how many people are going to get killed over these sneakers"

    ^^ Co-sign!

  10. I think the new strategy should be releasing a signature jordan every 23 months… and when it finally gets back to February they should just stop. besides MJ got enough money lol

  11. if u look in some of the vids. the bottom right corner has the carmines and it looks to be the 6 rings too the both straight fireeeee


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