Air Jordan Brand PHYL

When you think of Jordan Brand, you can easily say each pair is made for the courts, but as we have seen in the past, the Brand has slowly leaked beyond. Ever since day 1, each Air Jordan was a fashion symbol (some not as much as others), but its main purpose was to play basketball in.

Here we have a look at one of the up and coming Jordan models called the Air Jordan Brand PHYL, which is targeted more towards fashion rather then jump shots. Some are even saying this pair “may” be a Jordan Skate Shoe, but this has not been confirmed yet.

Two well known color schemes have been thrown on the Air Jordan Brand PHYL which are the Black / Red Cement and White / Black / Red Cement, both made popular by the Air Jordan 3. Also the Jordan Brand PHYL contains Elephant Print, “Rare Air” on the heel, Jordan 1 Wings logo on the side, and Jumpman logo at the heel and tongue.

A few stores will receive shipment early before the official release rolls around. Ubiq is one store that has got a small shipment in, and will launch March 15th 2008 for the retail price of $85. Via hb.

Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL
Air Jordan Brand PHYL


  1. Does anyone else think these have a striking resemblance to the model made in honor of his old high school basketball coach?

  2. you know whats gunna happened?? since they have the name "jordan" on it people gunna say that there hot and that there a must copp.. but i bet if they looked exactly the same but instead of jordans name on it, it said puma people would of said that there trash and why are these even up here and all that mess. im telling ya, a lot of people buy jordans just because they say "Jordan" and not how they look…. dont get me wrong i love jordans sneakers But not ALL of them and i only buy sneaker i think looks nice wheather there jordans, reebok, nike, etc…. and these sneakers in my opinion are ugly

  3. While these arent too bad, I think the toe area really kills the whole look. I thought MJ liked "clean" toes on sneakers? And on another note… I love all the J's that have come out from 1-23 but I would like for the brand to get some new designs. I like retros, and I like hybrids, but if your going to try something new on a shoe I would prefer for you not to put the same old stuff into so ppl will say… "well it kinds looks like the 3s and I love those". All Im saying is that if your gonna take a risk then go all out and see what happends otherwise you end up with some half ass sneaker like this. Just my thoughts…

  4. I actually kinda like these maybe only because they look like the OG 3s. The leather quality looks horrible just like all recent JB retros…pass like Nash.

  5. Ugly compared to other J's like the retros but a lot cooler that a bunch of gay skateboarding shoes I have seen. I would never buy a pair of skateboarding shoes unless it was one like these or the nike ones. Usually I board in my XII's cause skateboarding shoes are so extreemly queer.

  6. These look like Jordan Brands version of the Blazer. I don't much care for Blazers or these. But the Black colorway reminds me of the 3's. I hope they release the Black cement 3's in the packs this year.

  7. i acutally like the black 1s these seem like a shoe u can wear wid shorts i dono bout some jeans but they not bad

  8. I might get these when they go on sale….they not THAT bad…i mean its good Jordan is branching out but I think the concept is good but they need to make some adjustments to it. 3 out of 5 stars!

  9. well they arent that bad. but i dont think jordan should be doin shoes like this. they are destroying themselves. if they were puma they would probably be more appealing, but his just doenst fit jordan. and is it just me, or is the elephant print on everything gettin old?

  10. ok… i agree with datkid cuz ppl do like things cuz of the jordan sign

    but i like skate shoes and jordans

    as a skate shoe i say i like these but if they were released as basketball shoe i would say they were ugly

    if u think that makes sense at all.

    i would buy for 85 not for "jordan" price (like 144 or ^)

  11. I dont know why theres so much hate on these…i really like them…Both of the cement 3's are my favorite jordans next to the grapes, so these are a definate buy…I think theyre great JB, Keep it up!

  12. jordan making skate shoes is like KFC selling hot dogs.

    leave all the weird stuff to nike. i don't want jordan running shoes or skate shoes or trainers or baseball shoes or ladies boots. i want jordan basketball shoes.

  13. their's money in the sk8 industry nowadaze…..pretty sure JB can see that…and since their already talkin with stevie williams who is mad respected in the sk8 industry/community…i say why not… sb struck gold bein down with p-rod(and vice-versa)…everyone hated on nike sk8 shoes until p-rod wore them…..JB's probably hoping stevie can have the same effect with their sk8(inspired,lol)shoes……..1

  14. I pray these arent the Jordan skate shoes. They should let Stevie Williams design them like his old DC shoes.

  15. These joints are clean! Tha black ones are super dope. And in response to 'datkid', if they said puma, I would still cop. Puma been doin its thing for a good while now, I stay on Pumas. But this is a nice design no matter who puts it out.

  16. Is it me or is anyone else having trouble read the comment’s, of these stupid ass people who can spell. You guy’s need to learn your ABC…s’ or spellcheck.

  17. i used 2 skate and i wear skate shoes including the sb but theres alot they could have done 2 make them really tight i got so many ideas its ridiculous and cuz they say jordan doesnt mean there tight jus means your a poser and dont know wat your talkn about…

  18. What!!!! These look like jordan brand Blazers and the white Blazers look Naaasty Sick so do both of these def Cop Both…..5^

  19. What!!!! These look like jordan brand Blazers and the white Blazers look Naaasty Sick so do both of these def Cop Both…..

  20. these are ugly as fuck but ima get'…u right iif they du=idnt have the jordan logo i wouldnt even think about gettin dem


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