By now you’ve probably seen (and drooled over) the five installments of Jordan Brand’s Silver Anniversary Collection, but now we have some more detailed images of the featured Air Jordan XI model to show you just how clean this collection really is. Featuring silver stitching and an icy translucent outsole, the otherwise white model stays true to form with leather, mesh, and patent leather panels. Like we said earlier, this model, along with the AJIV, is expected to release sometime in 2010, so make sure you stay tuned for more details.ajxi-sc-1







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  1. GROSS…honestly besides how icey the soles be lookin XIs are ugly. Plus tha white mesh makes those white stripes going into the laces look yellowed. Any1 who buys is dumb. And just feeding JB more incentive to f*** consumers. The collection as a whole is semi-creative (looks nice but from lack of actual creativity) but they need to release them all, at least at some point

  2. Nice shoe but I think they should of just released the columbia with the ice blue sole like the OG not the 00 retro.

  3. The carbon shank throws it off for me. I like the shoe butthey should have used a silver carbon shank.

  4. ^^^ The carbon fiber throws it off??? What u smokin??? Shoes are ill as expected. Looks like nicer quality than the CDP 11/12. Def coppin

  5. ^^^ The carbon fiber throws it off??? What u smokin??? Shoes are ill as expected. Looks like nicer quality than the CDP 11/12. Def coppin. Bet all the these anniversary J's get a suitcase.

  6. Does anyone else realize these are just columbias with no Jumpman and most likely shitty materials

  7. des shits ugly regardless of dem bein samples or not dey should have jus made a 25th anniversary collection with the original colors.

  8. actually back in august cp.3 brought these out they had a jumpman so there u guys go n cmon these are the air jordan 11 any colorway makes this shoe nice its one of the greatest shoes of al time .1.2.3.duhhh… i just hope jb gives us enough time inbetween releases to cop them all … however i do think the og colorways are the best the jams n cool grey are good too but u cant compare to bred columbias n concords

  9. ill be happy when they they put the universal blue jumpman sign and make the inlining black ^_______^. And Dustin your a fucking retard, there showing us the sample you fuckin dumb ass, so shut the fuck up you sneaker newby

  10. This colorway of the retro XI's is definitly not a quality shoe from what it looks like so far, but who knows this is only a prototype and the jordan company should do some serious reconsidering on this colorway after the release of the "Space Jams." (P.S.: Which i was the last person to cop in a size 12 in cincinnati!)