After showing you parts one, two, three, and four of the Air Jordan Silver Anniversary Collection, there is still one more set of five Air Jordans to give you a closer look at in the white-on-white colorway. But before we do that, we’d like to inform you of something else. Now that we’ve shown you the Air Jordan 4 Silver Anniversary pair, we’d like to let our readers and fans know that this pair is particularly important to this collection. Air Jordan’s Silver Anniversary Collection pays homage to what will soon be 25 years since the first Air Jordan released, and to 25 years of pure sneaker greatness. To that extent, the Air Jordan 4 pictured here will be one of AT LEAST two pairs (previewed already) slated to make an actual release at some point in the future. To find out what the other pair is, simply check-in with us after the jump, where we also challenge you to give us only ONE more signature Air Jordan silhouette you would like to see release in this colorway if you had a choice.


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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! The two that I really wanted. I also want the IIIs and XIIIs but I'm in love with the IVs and XIs

  2. Tha other one needs ta b tha VI's or tha V's….anything over VIII is ugly, save maybe tha XIII's. PLEASE DONT BE THA I's!!!!!

  3. I really want the 10s. Out of my top 3 jordans the 10s are the only ones I don't have especialy in that crispy white and grey mashup. I woulnt mind the 13s either. I bet it would look pretty cool with that greenish hologram for added color

  4. XIII

    Seriously, other than a hybrid (6 Rings) and the collezione's, when was the last XIII released?? I'm dying here JB!

    My OG's from 1997 are still pretty fresh, but I'm starting to be afraid to wear em, gimme some XIII's!!!

  5. am diggin the all whites. and the 4's is tight. bein a fan of a black and white. or a black/white/red color way.i would like 2 see the 10's in all white. but wit all whites u got 2 rock'em once then ice'em and break'em out every now and then. unless u got the bread then cop 2 pairs. " 100 " ….

  6. i don't know… but isn't there already the pures and columbia? they're nice but they aren't *that fresh..

    i bet they'll eventually release the whole collection, not that anybody cares, but i think the 15's got potential if they get the silver right

  7. I'd like to see the XIII or maybe the the XIX, they looked pretty dope in all white, but I agree with T-King they haven't released the XIII in a while

  8. Seeing as the IV's & XI's are two of my all time favorites and I already got da pures; I wanna see some V's and XIII's. The rising suns are close enough so skip the XII.

  9. The IV's go hard but the XI's are definitely better. It would be dope if those XI's are released to the public. Definitely will be coping the IV's when they re-release. Missed out the first time.

  10. JB must release the 11's and 6's, the 4's are koo but I think the 5's look better!!!! Please 11 and 6's!!!!!!

  11. wait didnt some all white IVs already come out? whats the big deal, they should come out with the XVI and XVII, [most under rated jordans]

  12. What's the point of this when we've already had the Pure $ IV and the Columbia XI, and the IV came out not that long ago and you can still find them online! Needs to other sillouettes that has never had the white-on-white treatment.

  13. Maynee deyy should release daa 13'z wiff dosee or da 5'z.

    Da 4'z awwreadyy had da white on white colorwayy wiff da Pure $ edition.

    We need 13'z noww..!!