The ‘Grape’ Air Jordan 60+ model we previewed last week made its way to Asian Nike retailers yesterday, and as such, we now have some more detailed images of the hybrid sneaker. Utilizing the popular but rarely seen Air Jordan V ‘Grape’ color pallet, the predominantly white model features hits of grape, teal and black on its heel, tongue, and midsole. You can import a pair now from retailers like Rakuten, or cross your fingers and hope for the shoes to release domestically sometime soon.air-jordan-sixty-plus-grape-02

Via Rakuten

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  1. They haven't even released and the soles are Golden,SMFH, who would release those pics?

  2. just the fact that u used the word "swag" while describing a hybrid lets me know u r lame…just sayin.

  3. Lol…Yeah!!! He Must Be LAME as HEELL…Dude these are fuccccin UGLY!!! JB tripping!!!! The soles look like they were made around the time i was born (just saying)