With all the hype surrounding the first Air Jordan 60+ release in the iconic Laney colorway, this particular Air Jordan silhouette has lost some of that hype. However, you can always trust the Air Jordan team to come up with some sort of scheme that will successfully rejuvenate any campaign. To that extent, we’re here to show and inform you of another classic Air Jordan colorway being executed on the Air Jordan 60+: white/new emerald/grape ice. This shoe releases next Saturday, December 12, 2009 for a $150 retail price tag. However, as it stands now, it will only be an Asia exclusive. As with the True Blue Air Jordan III that retroed earlier this year overseas, we can only hope these will make their way stateside. But if that release is any indication of what will happen with this release, things aren’t looking good for us over here. For now, we hope this teaser at least gets your hopes up and gives you something to (potentially) look forward to.

Via SoleCollector.

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  1. tha real 5's outshine these so bad side by side

    nd tha emerald looks nothing like what it should

  2. this shoe is suacy

    hatin as bitches needa admit these go hard

    tounge is gone be the best in person

  3. why do they keep doin shtt like this. releasin shtt overseas. how could you release a classic color like true blues in a land far far away. wtf. an i almost had a heartattack when i seen these. thought they were the Grape 5s. wtf JB…

  4. too badd these babies are only oveseas… it would of made a ill profit if it wasn't… cause of the classic color…