Air Jordan Hallowed Ground White/Black/Red - New Images 1

Last month we were treated to the images of the Air Jordan Hallowed Ground in a white/deep blue and white/black/red colorways. Now we see new up close images showcasing the Air Jordan Hallowed Ground’s details. The Hallowed ground takes hints from the Jordan IX (9) and Jordan X (10) and includes a few other features that allow this shoe to be a very functional basketball shoe. No official word on a release, but sources are hinting towards a November 2009 release date. More images after the jump.

Via Flightclub

Air Jordan Hallowed Ground White/Black/Red - New Images 2

Air Jordan Hallowed Ground White/Black/Red - New Images 3

Air Jordan Hallowed Ground White/Black/Red - New Images 4

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  1. i think they Fresh but i don't Like how tha Laces are Like that of the XX3's kinda wack but overaLL i might throw it in tha bag and give em away after a week

  2. Ugh… first the Sixty Plus, now this garbage. How about Jordan brand just gets all the ugly out of their system… time to release the AJF15… Fuse an Air Force 1 with an AJ 15 and you'll get alllllllll the nasty out at once that way they can release some Grape V's. Jordan brand fans have been asking for shoes we can shrinkwrap… they're giving us shoes bubble wrap so we can mail these bombs to some third world country… like Canada.

  3. Wow!!!!!!!! These would be a awesome team shoe for my high school any word on some more colorway's??

  4. Yo Im fucking rocking socks and schoes all the time and shit so dont do anithing at me damn and bones plus and minus bones and liquidashesboys and more of that stuff do you feel me?

    do you feen me yes

  5. Bleh, da fuk u talkin bout??? Get off that stuff, it kills.. Anyway, these joints iz iight, but, id have to see them on someone, or in the store for a closer look, still on the fence bout em.. Retro allday, and $>erthing