Nike NFW Hypemax McFly Cancelled

We’ve got word from several reputable web sources that the Nike NFW Hypermax “McFly” will not see shine on retail shelves in America. Allegedly, the shoe (which bears striking resemblance to the ultra-cool high top Marty McFly rocked in “Back 2 The Future II”) was not officially licensed by Universal Studios, Inc. and was simply an unofficial inspiration for the shoe. Even so, the film giant had beef with the colorway and has decided to pull the ‘Max. We can only hope that this is a momentary dispute and we’ll eventually see the Nike NFW Hypermax “McFly” in-store.

Nike NFW Hypemax McFly Cancelled

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  1. How can the studio have beef with the colorway? Its the same colorway that was on the Hyperdunk McFly's released last year! And the studio didnt have a problem with those!

  2. this shoe is really ugly.

    she shine, but to much bad color choosin, and mixin them.

    I think its better they dont release those.

  3. I thought I was the only one wondering y these is so hyped, I dont see how u can rock this shoe unless u playn ball. I play ball but I'm not gonna buy a rare shoe to ball in. Shoe ugly period, dont care if it is an throwback movie scheme to'em

  4. Im glad these was cancelled I mean who would rock this shit casually ? The only value I see in this shoe is the resell value and thats it and didn't Nike make a Basketball shoe based on the McFly shoe already those should be enough for Hypebeast already.